Re: ora-01031 (insuff priv) while create table in package

From: Norbert Winkler <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 16:59:10 +0200
Message-ID: <>

> Why do you want to do this? In general this is a very bad idea. If you
> want a "temporary table" in a manner similar to MS SQLServer uses in stored
> procs then look up global temporary table in the Oracle Docs. A global
> temporary table is created 1 time not by each user.

my problem doesn't deal with temp-tables, my example-sql probably confuses you.

> Jim

Sorry if I'm explaining too much details:

I've written a package that manage nested sets. It uses two tables:
one for the attributes and the other for the tree structures.

I've written it with dynamical SELECT/INSERT/UPDATES/DELETE statements, so that the user can choose the table names and the names of essential fields of the attribut-table.
(there is i.E a SetTabNameTree procedure) So he can add nested-functionality to his existing flat tables without changing anything.

Now I want to write a service-package that create all tables, sequences triggers and views withe the user choosen names.

If it doesn't work, I've to write a client-application to create the necessary database-objects, or the user must do it by a string-replaces itself.

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