Re: trouble with insert

From: <sheldonlg>
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 09:31:53 -0400
Message-ID: <>

sheldonlg wrote:
> This should be so simple, yet it is not working. I am trying to do an
> insert into a table where the values inserted are gathered from a select
> from another table. This form works:
> insert into table2 (select fld1, fld2, fld3 from table1 where blah)
> However, I do not want to be dependent upon the order of the fields in
> table2 so, I tried this:
> insert into table2 (fld1, fld2, fld3) values(
> select fld1, fld2, fld3 from table1 where blah)
> )
> This gave me a not enough values error coming from the first set of
> parentheses. I don't understand that error. It should not care how
> many fields are inserted, so long as the two sets match. Also, in this
> case, all the fields of table2 are named.

After posting this, I think I understand the error message. The select is retrieving multiple rows. It might be that it thinks that only enough values are going to be supplied and so not enough fields are being specified. If this is the case, then how do accomplish putting in N rows of data obtained from the select where each row has values for each of the named fields? Received on Sun Jul 13 2008 - 08:31:53 CDT

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