Re: Oracle and Pro*C

From: Laurenz Albe <>
Date: 06 Jun 2008 07:30:48 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Carlos <> wrote:
>> I maintain an application using Pro*C programs to access to an Oracle
>> database.
>> For the moment, programs and datas are together located on the same
>> server... but, in the case of an architecture "client-
>> server" (application located on a server, database located on another
>> one), is it necessary to install an Oracle client (librairies...) on
>> the application server to communicate with the database server ?
>> In others words : Are executables generated from Pro*C API need to
>> work with Oracle librairies in local ? Or, these executables are self-
>> working, not needing to access to Oracle functions locally based ?
>> Thanks a lot in advance for your answers.
>> Sebastien

> Yes, you'll need the oracle client for the platform where the client
> application is.

... unless you link the program statically. But that's usually a bad idea, as it turns any kind of software update into a nightmare.

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