Re: oracle 9i: errors by clone a DB by a script

From: joel garry <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 13:00:19 -0700 (PDT)
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On Apr 28, 4:09 am, Andreas Mosmann <> wrote:
> Sorry, why do you think I did not try to troubleshoot this? Sure I am
> part of the problem and the admin is it too. But in my opinion oracle is
> reason for it because there is no intuitive to do some standard actions.

Backups and recovery are simply not intuitive to begin with. The "standard actions" have no standards.

> In my opinion oracle hides important information inside a mass of
> useless information.
> You have to decide whether you administrate oracle or do any other work.
> But in my case my normal work is to develop database software and
> therefore I have to administrate my OracleDB on my own. There is not
> enough manpower to split into admins/developers in this situation.

That's why Oracle has made 2-day DBA tutorials and Backup and Recovery Quick Start guides. They even debated whether XE should have transactional recovery. Guess what they decided?

> I read a lot of your answers and there was a lot of helping answers.
> But please accept, that oracle is not that userfriendly as it should in
> my sight.

I've long said the same thing, but they've addressed some of the issues, and other issues derive directly from the richness and depth of Oracle's functionality.

I've directly observed a number of SQL-Server apps crash unrecoverably, because of the lack of administration. And my-sql is just barely starting to even address backups. So your complaints are really kind of "it's the worst except for all the others," and perhaps unjustified positive assumptions about your admin and how things should and do work.


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