Re: oracle 9i: errors by clone a DB by a script

From: Andreas Mosmann <>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 10:00:44 +0200
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>> Sorry, why do you think I did not try to troubleshoot this? Sure I am
>> part of the problem and the admin is it too. But in my opinion oracle is
>> reason for it because there is no intuitive to do some standard actions.

> Backups and recovery are simply not intuitive to begin with. The
> "standard actions" have no standards.

The "standard action" I look for is a clone of a database. I am sure that
it depends of the point of view, but I am a software developer and as such I often need an actual copy of the database to try something. And I suppose that most databases and of course oracle databases too are delivered with an application using the database.

>> I read a lot of your answers and there was a lot of helping answers.
>> But please accept, that oracle is not that userfriendly as it should in
>> my sight.

> I've long said the same thing, but they've addressed some of the
> issues, and other issues derive directly from the richness and depth
> of Oracle's functionality.

> I've directly observed a number of SQL-Server apps crash
> unrecoverably, because of the lack of administration. And my-sql is
> just barely starting to even address backups. So your complaints are
> really kind of "it's the worst except for all the others," and perhaps
> unjustified positive assumptions about your admin and how things
> should and do work.

I am willing to learn, but it is impossible to learn all the oracle knowledge AND to be a good software developer. I am not responsible for backup and recovery, I (as probably all software developers) only frequently need a copy of an actual database. And by the way: shortest way for me was to export/import a user of a database, but when I started to use a blob field it did not work anymore.
Call me a fool, but it seems to be a bug! But now I found out that I can export/import the complete database as system and it takes more time and warns me much more than before, but it works.

I come along with oracle but in my opinion it must be allowed to wish things that still doesn't exist. And I am sure that I am not the only one with these wishes. Maybe there will be a version where the enterprise manager has a button "Clone a DB" and if you start it will ask you the following questions:

- server?
- sys/system - passwords?
- shrink db?
- delete existing db?

and all the other information concerning operation system, installed oracle version/patchlevel and whatever it finds out itself. Dream a little dream ...

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Thank you for your answer.
Andreas Mosmann

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