Re: Visual Query tools for Oracle?

From: Terry Dykstra <>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 14:45:54 GMT
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> Well, I just lost another 2 hours this morning trying to find a visual
> query tool for Oracle that has reasonable performance and user
> friendliness.
> I tested FlySpeed SQL Query (freeware), Maestro Oracle code factory
> (trial) and my standard tool Toad 9 (commercial product).
> In my opinion none of the three does a good job. The first two make a
> ridicolous use of memory that makes them totally unusable with large
> databases.
> Toad is much better at that, but the interface to create and execute
> queries using the "Query Builder" tool is a pain in the neck.
> Is it possible that a good visual query tool for Oracle just doesn't
> exist? Don't tell me that real professionals don't use graphic tools,
> I have been designing database applications for 30 years but I still
> appreciate the speed of a good graphical interface.
> Any suggestions about existing tools are welcome, but please make sure
> that they are capable of working with large databases (hundred of
> tables and terabytes of data).
> Andrea

Alternatively, you could use a report writer like Sybase InfoMaker. It has the best graphical query painter of any tool I've ever used.

Terry Dykstra 
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