Re: Oracle hexadecimal query

From: Urs Metzger <>
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 20:10:57 +0100
Message-ID: <fqpfj1$fl7$> schrieb:
> A quick and simple question.
> If I have a query like:
> SELECT * FROM table NUM = 31
> Now for reasons irelevant to my question the number provided is
> hexadecimal. I could ofcourse in the program convert this to a number
> but is there a syntax in oracle to use similar to the sql server:
> SELECT * FROM table NUM = 0x1F
> How do I write this in oracle?
> I know I can do a to_num('1F','XX') or something like that but is
> there a way to just write a hexadecimal number directly?
> Regards Hans Milling...


there is no way to express a number in hexadecimal format directly. This has not changed between at least 8.1.7 and 11.1. Search the SQL Language Reference provided on for "Literals".

Of course there is no need to convert the table data to hexadecimal, but you do have to convert the hexadecimal representation '1F' to the type in your table.

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