Re: Best location for new graduates?

From: Ed Prochak <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 11:39:57 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 27, 12:50 am, kevx <> wrote:
> Thanks, David. I have been working with 10g for about 2 years in the
> classroom, so I've learned my way around it well, and PL/SQL is a
> language I enjoy. SQL Server is another story because they concentrated
> on Oracle at my college. I've installed it and I'm learning it now. Yes,
> I know that certification without experience is nearly useless, but I
> think it does look better than nothing at all on a resume for a new
> graduate.
> About Duluth, an online search shows no entry level jobs listed there.
> It would be difficult for me to move somewhere without reasonable
> assurance of a good job market for my skills. Any leads, Friends?
> Thanks..
> wrote:
>     > On Jan 23, 4:39 pm, kevx <> wrote:
> >> Thanks, David and Joel. Duluth sounds interesting. I already figured
> >> that I'd have to at least start in programming, which is no problem. I
> >> think I'll get Sql Server certified, too, although I prefer Oracle.
> >> Whatever it takes to get a foot in the door, right? Wish me luck. anyone
> >> else have suggestions? All are appreciated!
> >> kevx wrote:
> >>> I'm just finishing up my B.A. in database technologies, and I've been
> >>> looking for my first position in the field. There are lots of Oracle
> >>> jobs in my area (Tampa, FL) but no one seems to be interested in new
> >>> graduates with no experience. I've heard that other areas in the US
> >>> aren't as competitive and often hire entry level with little or no
> >>> experience. Doe's anyone have any suggestions as to where I should look
> >>> and possibly move?
> >>> Thank you!- Hide quoted text -
> >> - Show quoted text -
> > Getting 'certified' doesn't mean much anymore, since anyone with a few
> > extra dollars to spend can get certified and still have absolutely no
> > practical experience.  I've known people who 'earned' their OCP and
> > cannot answer a simple question like 'what is a rowid?'  I would
> > suggest, instead, that you download a copy of Oracle 10g or 11g,
> > install it and begin working with it, learning what it can do.  Any
> > experience is better than no experience.
> > If you're also serious about the SQL Server path I would recommend you
> > download the 180 day evaluation copy
> > of SQL Server 2005 and 'play' with that.  You do need to remember that
> > even though both products are DBMS servers the similarities pretty
> > much end there.  Very little of the operational and syntactical
> > knowledge is transferrable between the two.  So, don't expect that the
> > 'if I know one then the other is easy' addage to hold true; it won't.
> > Of course you may get caught up in the exciting night life and social
> > arena that is Duluth.  Just promise me you won't go astray and visit
> > that den of iniquity known as Bemidji.  <g>
> > David Fitzjarrell

I would suggest you get with your college's job placement office. As you prepare for graduation you should be sending resumes and when possible attending any on campus interview sessions. Talk to your classmates about where they are applying. Did your school program offer any internship? It might not be too late to take advantage of such offerrings.

 As you have seen, the local area may be dry but other areas may have some activity. Dig if you can to get the name of a IT manager rather than sending to a company blind. (In the latter case, HR will likely send a standard reject letter no matter what positions the company has open simply because you "lack experience".)

Good luck and send those resumes.

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