Re: How do I install 10g and import .DMP file

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 09:56:10 -0800
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mike wrote:
> the 18 discs were sent by the software distro group from out of state. I have everything from the client to the e-bussiness
> server including one DVD and 17 CD's. Im not sure which one to start with since as I have claimed I am a beginer at the
> oracle idea. I have gotten a response by to my personal email that was semi negitive... But then again I never stated I
> was even at the intermediate level. Just curoius, to thoes who are DBA's, did you start somewhere also? Didnt you look
> up resources? This is where I decided to start. As stated before, any help just to install it would help, I am in now way
> trying to manage it just to get it up and running is my main concern right now.

The chance of you successfully installing E-Business Suite, without substantial experience is precisely zero. Unless you have some strong desire to be blamed for a complete meltdown get help or quit.

Your primary concern should not be running it because you will undoubtedly fail. Your primary concern should be professional integrity and telling whoever hired you to do it that you are totally unqualified.

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