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Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2008 12:43:11 GMT
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> Hi Charles these methods seem very powerful, but i m not sure i know
> how to do them, but i think i am using something 95% similar to the
> second methos you talked about, the 'macro' one.
> i just wrote a VBA, with an insert into formula in Excel, so i
> generate the data in excel, i save the rows in a txt file and from
> there i do a crete table in oracle, and i paste the values i have in
> the txt so the thing i am copying and pasting is kind of this:
> creat table_XXX(
> sal_x varchar2(12),
> sal_prod ........)
> insert into table table_xxx value(....,....,...);
> ............
> ........
> commit;
> thats how i know to do it at the present time,
> but since you have something better, i would like you to show me some
> info. on any valuable documentations about it.
> Thanks a lot.

Use sql loader. See the documentation under utlities. Much faster. Also it looks like in your example you are storing numbers as text. Don't do that.
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