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MI5-Persecution: Molestation during Travel (25672)

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Date: 16 Dec 2007 16:33:44 GMT
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MI5 Persecution: Molestation during Travel

MI5s persecution of me varies in intensity. Since 1990 it has been steady for perhaps 80% of the time; there was a notable quiet period in 1993, and another quiet period in Jan-Feb 1995, as well as a hiatus in the first two months of 1999. It puzzles me that they cease and restart, seemingly without any logic or reason. But one aspect of MI5s activities against me which is relatively predictable is this weeks articles topic, which is Molestation during Travel. Almost every time I cross the Atlantic, go to the Continent or even try to enjoy a holiday in this country, you can bet that MI5 will be there doing their utmost to wreck it all.

This aspect of the harassment is particularly relevant as I will be travelling to Europe again in a months time, with naturally the Minidisc recorder in tow; so it will be interesting to see if I can record the abuse which will almost certainly take place, either on the Tube going to the airport, at the airport, on the flight, in the terminal building - MI5 have previously instituted instances of abuse at each of these locations, so well see how much taxpayers money they waste this time, and whether it will prove possible to capture their abuse on minidisc.

Read about the MI5 Persecution on the Web

June 1992 in Polands mountain resort of Zakopane

The persecution started in June 1990, and for the first two years I stayed in the UK apart from a couple of brief day trips to Calais. By the summer of 1992 Id had enough of being cooped up in England with abusive fellow employees egged on by an abusive secret police service, and decided to spend 10 days in southern Poland, on what was intended to be a holiday at the mountain resort town of Zakopane.

Unfortunately the psychopaths of the Security Service were not willing to allow me to enjoy a holiday in peace and quiet. The journey to Zakopane was by coach from the meeting point at Londons Victoria coach station (National Express) followed by ferry followed by another coach across Europe. As we left Victoria a youth and his girlfriend started a loud tirade of abuse directed at "this bloke", where the "bloke" was never named, but it was very clear that the "bloke" was myself. The youth said
"they" had "found somebody from his school, and he was always really
stressed at school, a real psycho". Again, the label "they" was not elaborated on, but it was clear that "they" = the persecutors from MI5. The boy also said, "he was in a bed and breakfast for only one night and they got him". By a not unexpected coincidence I had been in a B&B in Oxford a week previously, which had been booked from work; other things lead me to the conclusion that the company's offices were bugged for most of the 2 1/2 years that I was there, so "they" would have known a room in the B&B had been booked. After a few minutes of this I went back to where they were sitting and asked where they were travelling. The boy named a village in France, and the girl's giggling suddenly ceased; presumably it permeated to her brain cell what the purpose of the boy's abuse was.

It is now very clear to me that MI5 were trying to have me incarcerated, assaulted or killed on this trip across Europe. The degree of verbal violence inescapably leads to this conclusion. When we arrived at our destination, it became clear that many people, both in our tour group and its guide, and among the ordinary residents of the town, knew there was a movement under way to "get" me. MI5 employed many people and significant resources for an action which they knew would only take a maximum of ten days. A commercial operation would never have felt able to waste such resources on such an unproductive and temporary action; only a state-sponsored, taxpayer-funded entity like the Security Service would be able to be so wasteful.

To give some examples of what happened in those ten days; I was walking in some woods outside the town, when a Polish woman, looking at me, said the English "shit" in a strongly Polish-accented voice. For the first three years 1990-92 MI5 had been trying to force this word on me. Another example; I was walking near my "hotel" when a mother said laughing to her child, "a wiesz ze to prawdziwy wariat" which means "you know hes a real madman". And the "TV reacting" happened there too; on Polish TV, a bemused looking journalist said to another, "to jest sprawa Anglikow", which means
"its the concern of the English", in other words, none of our business,
despite what the English are trying to force down our throats.

Just before we left for home, I went with some others from our group to a nearby bar. There a man shouted at me the same sexual obscenity which MI5 have constantly thrown at me these last three years. I think MI5 try to justify their various terms of abuse by repeating them at me until I say them, either while conscious or while talking in my sleep; and then they seize on my saying those words to "prove" that the obscenities are "my fault", et cetera. This rather stupid reasoning of theirs can actually be seen as indicative of the psychopathic condition attributed to them in a previous article; blaming the victim for the crime you inflict on him is how psychopaths think.

Nor did the persecutors let up during the return trip. Returning on the ferry over the channel, a rather insalubrious-looking guy talked to his mates about "and you know this bloke, hes really mad you know, hes really mad". On the National Express return coach to London, a group of five or six young people started shouting at me. I slumped in my seat and tried to avoid presenting a target, so they got ever more strident - "whats the matter with you, cant you hear us?" One of the other people who had been on the trip to Poland asked them why they were shouting at me, and they said, "hes been to Cambridge", to which the co-holidayer asked them, "have you been to Cambridge?" presumably thinking they were aggrieved fellow students, but they answered "no". Even after I left the coach at Elephant and Castle abuse continued; in the tube station, two kids started throwing abuse at me; one of them said to the other, "and you know he works?" to which the other answered "yes".

Immediate Aftermath of November 1992

As you will know from previous articles, my manager at OCG - ARIS/Oxford, Mr Mitchell, induced a mental breakdown in me in the months leading up to Nov/92. The diagnosis was regarded by the persecutors as a victory for them, because few if any people give credence to allegations of harassment when they are made by somebody suffering from schizophrenia. There is also a bias against the mentally ill, an "institutionalised bigotry" in society comparable to the institutionalised racism against blacks.

However, MI5 did not let up on persecuting me following Nov/92. In December 1992 I flew by charter jet to Alicante in Spain for two weeks recuperation. MI5 planted one of their people on the flight, a youth who tried to start some noises that "hes a nutter". One of the other passengers replied, "oh hes a nutter is he? oh well!" and the youth shut up and said nothing for the rest of the flight. I think it would be fair to say that the youth on the flight was embarrassed by what he had been asked to do in making the flight "uncomfortable" for me; he sounded defensive rather than aggressive.

My first trip to Canada in June 1993

Ive already covered this in a previous article so Ill just give a brief summary here. On 10 June 1993 I flew British Airways from Heathrow to Torontos Pearson Airport. On de-planing from the aircraft, one of a group of four fellow passengers looked at me and said, laughing, "if he tries to run away well find him". It was quite obvious that these four men were the ones who had been harassing me since 1990.

I did nothing to apprehend them or bring this incident to the attention of the airport authorities, mostly because this was my very first visit to Canada, and the last thing I wanted was to get into a dispute before I had even finished disembarking. In retrospect, I can see this was a terrible mistake; I should have made every effort to detain and identify these people.

Subsequently I have made numerous attempts to obtain the names of these people from British Airways passenger lists, by talking to BA, through a lawyer in Ontario, through a solicitor in England, through the UK police, and also through private detectives in the UK. But all my efforts have come to nothing. BA have told me they keep passenger lists for a period of seven years, so they will still have the list for this 1993 flight. I did not see or hear anything during the rest of my visit to Ontario in 1993 which would have lead me to believe that I was being watched or followed.

Journey across Canada in summer 1994

As I think Ive already said in previous articles I emigrated to Canada in late May 1994. For six weeks between late May 1994 and early July 1994 I travelled across Canada from coast to coast, starting in Toronto, visiting various cities and ending up in British Columbia. I saw this both as something of a holiday, and the chance to get to know a little better my adopted country.

As you can guess, MI5 followed me everywhere I went during these six weeks. In Toronto, where I started this trip in late May, I was spoken about by one youth to another with the words "hes an idiot", to which the other replied, laughing sympathetically, "good luck to him".

A couple of days later I went to Montreal and stayed at the YMCA downtown. As you can guess (this is all so predictable, isnt it?) MI5 followed me there and bugged my room at the YMCA. Not only that, but they managed to set-up an instance of "newscaster reaction" from a local television station; while I was watching a Vermont TV news programme on the set in my room, the woman reporter said, "well theyre just tired and they want to go home", which sounds like a pretty unprofessional thing to say until you realise she was trying to say of me that I was the one that was supposed to be tired, and they (ie MI5) wanted me to go home to the UK.

On the bus journey across the North American continent, it was quite clear that MI5 were following me every step on the way. For the first part of the journey they actually put someone on the bus with me, a youth who said at me "that guys paranoid" and tried to incite other passengers to attack me. I stopped for a couple of days in Winnipeg in central Canada, and on leaving the town heard on the radio a female presenter ranting about
"insanity! insanity!". It is very tiring travelling such a long distance
by bus; I took the journey in two steps, each of about 36 hours; and it is especially tiring when you know MI5 are watching you and harassing you every step of the way.

When I finally got to Vancouver, MI5 instituted the usual harassment, in very short order. I was surprised how quickly they were able to induce hatred towards me in elements of the general populace; the Security Service must have employed a number of agents and serious resources in a very short period of time; and for no real gain, because I havent been back to BC for almost five years, so all their "work" appears to be for nothing. In downtown Vancouver a street person said in front of me,
"theyre all talking about him". For a few days I was staying at Pauls
Guest House (345 W.14th Ave); on the day I left, the owner Paul shouted at no-one in particular, "hes going to Victoria" - which was quite accurate, I was indeed going to the provincial capital Victoria on Vancouver Island. But I had not told anyone at the guest house where I was going; I had only mentioned to my parents back in England on the phone that I was going away from Vancouver for a few days. Which leads me to suppose that MI5s bugging of the phone in my parents house yielded the
"intelligence" that I intended to visit Victoria, and they had passed the
information on to Paul.

When I got to Victoria it was again obvious that the persecutors were
"doing their stuff" there as well. On the street I was identified as being
English, although I had not said anything so my accent hadnt given me away; and returning by ferry to the mainland, I was abused by a Canadian woman who said, "hes a nutter! you can run but you cant hide". During my years in Canada I have never heard the word "nutter" on any other occasion; I do not think it is part of Canadians vocabulary; so the Canadian woman on the ferry, who was obviously talking about me, must have been supplied with this word by the English persecutors. And once I got back to Vancouver, staying at the Austin Hotel on Granville St, I listened to a conversation in the apartment block directly opposite, and a man saying, "hes paranoid, so thats as bad as it can be, so why are they doing this to him?".

Holiday in the States, August 1995

By 1995 I was living in Canada, and in August I went down the eastern seaboard to Florida and as far as Key West by car. As you can guess (this is all so boring and predictable, isnt it?) MI5 followed me every step of the way. I can see in retrospect that this must have been quite easy for them as they had my car bugged, both on the inside to listen to anything that was said and what radio station I was listening to, as well as what must have been a tracker device installed to track it across long distances.

The first city I visited was Philadelphia. In the old Congress Hall where the first US Congress assembled, the woman guide started referring to my situation, saying that "all these people in Europe were watching it", and they were "a little paranoid" at this 18th-century experiment in democracy. Also I had recently written a newsgroup post where Id described a (female) poster as "wet-nosed" (implying "canine"), and a young girl in Philadelphia remarked, "so he thinks were dogs?" There were two or three more incidents during this holiday in the eastern States, including a radio station down near Miami, showing "they" had tracked me all the way there, and were bugging the inside of my car; but I didnt record the details and Ive forgotten some of it now. Also down in Miami Beach a French tourist in a lift expressed support for me with the words, "cest incroyable" ie. its incredible, meaning that MI5s well-known actions against me were beyond belief.

To go back a bit, in about May/June 1995 Id visited New York, again by car, and was insulted several times by people using the same words that had been used against me in England. In Central Park, and elderly Englishman (not a real gentleman - but then the Engish view of themselves as "gentlemen" etc is quite laughable) looked at me and said "idiot". And while I was eating in a streetside restaurant a New York youth started laughing and said something like, "I cant believe it, hes actually here" - I think that was because I had had an expressed wish to visit New York for some years before this, although after this visit I wont be going there again for a very long time.

Visit to Poland December 1995/January 1996

In December 1995 I flew (BA again, unfortunately - every time Ive flown BA one of these incidents has happened, presumably MI5 is happier setting up harassment on British-domiciled carrier) from Montreal to Berlin and travelled on to Poland to visit family. MI5 naturally harassed me in Poland during my brief stay. They followed me around and got Polish people to take part in the harassment. In one case two Polish youths talked in front of me saying in English (with marked Polish accents), "fucked up men, fuck you". There were also other incidents which I dont remember too clearly since it was some time ago.

The return flight connected through Heathrow, and in the transit lounge MI5 again set-up harassment against me. In Poland they were talking their abuse in English, and in London they set Polish people after me to speak in Polish; they heard me on the phone to my father, and said "a wiesz ze to Polski wariat", in an almost sympathetic, inclusive fashion (translation. "you know hes a Polish nutter"). Once on the flight to Montreal I was again set upon by two English youths, one of whom spoke and the other listened. The aggressive "fat bastard" youth said, "if he wants to be a wanker" (its my fault theyre harassing me, you see), self-justification that "hes a nutter" (so we have to keep on abusing him, because hes ill), as well as talking about the town in Poland where I had been staying. He also said, "he doesnt know who we are", but as already remarked in a previous article, that was at best a half-denial of my guess expressed in internet newsgroups that the people after me were MI5 - if anything its a half-confirmation rather than a half-denial.

These incidents are still going on. You can hear digitised audio files of abuse on a BA flight to Berlin in 1998 on the Web at address

On this flight they were again attacking my mental health; "paranoid, hes paranoid" and "nutter" are discernable. The last "during travel" contact was at Ottawa Airport on 21 July 1998, when "Alan Holdsworth" the psychopath MI5 agent, dressed as a vagrant, was pacing aggressively in the departure area. In three weeks I will again be travelling to Europe; we will see what fresh acts of molestation MI5 perpetrate during this trip.


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