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MI5-Persecution: BBC Newscasters Lie & Deny Theyre Watching Me (23489)

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Date: 16 Dec 2007 16:03:59 GMT
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MI5 Persecution: BBC Newscasters Lie & Deny They're Watching Me

Central to the persecution campaign waged against me for some nine years now by the Security Service is their use of the media, and in particular the broadcast media, to make clear to me that I am under surveillance and being watched within my own home, even by BBC newscasters while they read the news. This is really an act of arrogance; MI5 and their tools in the television and radio are so sure that they can never be caught, that they have many times made explicity clear on broadcast programmes that they are as capable of seeing me as I am of seeing the broadcast pictures. Even when they have known I am taping the programmes they still carry on this practice; for examples of TVand radio presenters caught "in action", see the Evidence area of my website.

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It started with a Newscaster, and it continues with Newscasters today

The very first incident in the story started with a reaction by an ITN newscaster, Sue Carpenter, in June of 1990, almost nine years ago now. She reacted to what she saw in my living room at home as she read the news. My mother had brought an apple for me into the room, whereupon the newsreader smirked and giggled, apparently finding this funny. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I carried on watching news and other television programmes to see if presenters would show signs of "interactive watching"; to my surprise, this happened again and again. Unfortunately, I did not have my wits sufficiently about me to videotape these programmes, and it is now almost impossible to obtain recordings dating back to 1990.

However, I have been busy recording everything Ive watched the last couple of years, and the taping has yielded some nuggets, which you will find if you point your Web browser at the "evidence" area of my website, whose URL address is given above. Strangely it is not particularly the BBC who are
"after me" at the moment (with the exception of occasional fire from
Nicholas Witchell), but that supposed paragon of virtue and decency Jon Snow of Channel Four TV News (he actually works for ITN), who once claimed hed turned down MI5s offer of a tax-free salary. I will cover Snows recent actions in a future article.

BBCs Hidden Shame

The first ever Usenet post (internet newsgroup article) on the subject of the MI5 bugging / BBC watching occurred, as stated in a previous article, in early May 1995. It is reproduced here;

Date: Thu May 4 18:27:24 1995
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Subject: BBC's Hidden Shame

Remember the two-way televisions in George Orwell's 1984? The ones which watched you back? Which you could never get rid of, only the sound could be turned down?

Well the country which brought Orwell into the world has made his nightmare follow into the world after him. Since 1990 the British have been waging war against one of their own citizens using surveillance to invade privacy and a campaign of abuse in the transmitted media in their efforts to humiliate their "victim".

I suppose "BBCs Hidden Shame" is more of a wish than a fact. It may be hidden, but the BBC and other media and security organisations seem to have no shame whatever in their anti-social, not to say criminal, actions. Nor do the general public, who seem quite happy to parrot the vilest obscenities without much hesitation or apparently thought.

Martyn Lewis, Nicholas Witchell and the rest

Most of the harassment occurred in 1990-92, when I wasnt making any recordings, and the BBC wont release copies of current affairs programmes from that period.... so although I can remember there were many incidents in that time, even many specifics, I cant dig up the actual programmes to flesh out the bones.

This year, there has been at least one incident with Nicholas Witchell as newsreader, which I have successfully recorded and digitized, i.e. converted into a computer Quicktime movie file. This has not yet found its way onto my website (Im a busy man, dontcha know) but you can be sure I will let the readership of these articles know when that clip makes it onto the web. The Witchell clip was recorded on Saturday 10 April 1999 at 7pm, and shows Witchell trying to restrain his features from collapsing into a smirk. First his upper lip quivers for several minutes, then with the non-excuse of a non-joke his entire face twists into a grin. It looks as if he finds me so funny, that he allows himself to submerge any pretence at professionalism in a sea of MI5-inspired sarcasm and harassment.

The two BBC newscasters whose reactions to me I can remember most vividly over the years are Martyn Lewis and Nicholas Witchell. I can remember thinking years ago that Michael Buerk was also seeing me at home; and if the other two are watching then there would be no reason why he wouldnt be doing the same; but in all honesty I cannot remember a single clear instance of his reacting through facial or verbal expression to me.

I can remember several instances of Martyn Lewis reacting to what he saw of me, however. In early 1992 I was watching the BBC news with Lewis on a small black-and-white portable TV at my then home in Oxford. I threw a term of abuse at Lewis; he flinched, then gave a grin and made a comment from which I understood that he had been on my side, but might have changed his mind as a result of what Id just said to him.

And in spring 1991 I remember Martyn Lewis clearly reacting to what he saw of me at my then accommodation in Woking, Surrey, by continuing to stare at some fixed point near the camera after the news had finished - presumably this is where the monitor interactively showing pictures of my room was located.

Why would BBC and other Newscasters Watch and Harass Me, Watching Them?

This is a very difficult question, and I dont actually know the answer. It is a matter of record that the Secret Services are very much part of the Establishment. The recent exposure of the "MI6 Agent List" on the internet, and its coverage in the newspapers, reveals how much MI5 and MI6 are recruited from the ranks of the Establishment. Obviously the relationship is bi-directional; the Establishment influences MI5/MI6, but the secret services (well, perhaps not so secret now we know who works for MI6!!!) also influence the machinery of power and information dissemination i.e. media in this country. So they must have a lot of covert leverage with the BBC and ITN.

Some of this leverage is obviously through bribery. It is a matter of record that MI5 tried some years ago to "buy" Jon Snow of Channel Four TV. He turned them down - obviously they must have approached other media people as well, and from the lack of other reports of people turning them down, it may be presumed that some other journalists will have accepted the sugared carrots put before them. Ironically, Jon Snow has been taking part in the recent "watching" actions against me - but why he has allowed himself to be used by the secret services is something which I do not know.

Perhaps the Security Service uses blackmail to twist arms of journalists into co-operating with them? I have always thought there was something slightly odd about Martyn Lewiss demeanour. At the time of the Ron Davies
"rough trade" scandal it was reported that MI5 had known all about Davies
predilections and the sham of his pretence to be a happily married man. Perhaps MI5 have been able to dig something up from Martyn Lewiss private life to blackmail him into acting on their behalf? And if there wasnt anything before the "newscaster watching" started then there most certainly is something now.... once theyve started watching, the newscasters will surely wish their activities to remain covered-up, and co-operate with the security service.

"Newscaster Watching" Deliberately Constructed to Mimic Schizophrenia

Presumably this is the first case in history of television journalists actually taking part in acts of real-time, live spying and reacting against one of their viewers. What you have to understand, though, is that I was quite mentally healthy in June 1990, certainly relative to November 1992, when after two and a half years of harassment I was finally admitted to hospital as an out-patient. MI5 decided from the outset that they would make me mad; they constructed the media harassment to resemble what would be reported by a person with mental illness; and then they carried on years of abuse to inflict on me the condition which they wished to use as an excuse to cover up their abuses.

I sold my portable TV in autumn 1990 and stopped watching television regularly. I realise now that this may have been a mistake. What I should have done was to watch TV and listen to the radio, but tape-record everything and make a note of what each excerpt meant to me. I would then be in a much stronger position as regards to evidence that I am now. That is what I am trying to do now, but unsurprisingly the TV/radio presenters have stopped getting at me, now they know they are being recorded.

When I started publicising my case on internet newsgroups in 1995, I was met with the disbelief one might expect to be accorded to a mentally ill person who talks about "newscaster watching" and media persecution. Some newsgroup participants thought I had started a "troll", an invention made to obtain a reaction; one bright spark even suggested a group of psychology students were behind the articles. But most people thought the articles were symptomatic of derangement - and that is exactly what MI5 want people to think. MI5 chose me as a target because I was mildly mentally ill at the outset in 1990, although I stress my illness then was very mild in comparison with November 1992, and because they knew that enough abuse would (a) make me much more seriously ill, and (b) once I was more ill, they would "get away" with a harassment deliberately constructed to look like the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia.

Martyn Lewis Denies & Lies, But Wont in Writing

In February 1997 I wrote to BBC Viewer & Listener Correspondence and asked them to investigate the claim that their newscasters had engaged in
"real-time spying" on me. They replied that they had asked Martyn Lewis
and Michael Buerk whether they had engaged in such practices, and that they had both made verbal denials to VLC, but were refusing to put their denials in writing.

To me it looks as if Lewis and Buerk are happy to lie verbally but not in writing, because written falsehoods would place them unambiguously in the wrong, whereas they can try to talk their way out of verbal lies if they are ever caught, or perhaps even deny the verbal lies completely? If they lie without shame, then why would they have any shame about future lies about lying?

BBC-VLC also said that the BBC "would never engage in any form of surveillance activity" such as that described. Clearly Martyn Lewis and the rest have lied to their own organisations personnel about their criminal actions. So much for the "objective", "truthful" BBC, a nest of shabby liars.

Summons against the BBC, for Nuisance caused by Newscaster Spying

In March 1997 I issued a civil summons against the BBC, seeking injunction against further "newscaster spying", and token damages for what the BBC had done to me until that date. The purpose of the summons was to try to
"smoke out" the BBC, since obviously I did not have good evidence which
would be necessary for either a civil or criminal case to be made against them. My summons was worded as follows;

  1. The plaintiff is and was at all material times residing at [home address]. At some time prior to or during June 1990, persons of unknown identity entered Plaintiff's premises and installed concealed television equipment in said premises.
  2. A campaign of harassment was launched against the Plaintiff by the persons of unknown identity, which in part took the form of instigating harassment by BBC TV newscasters (including specifically Michael Buerk and Martyn Lewis) as they read news bulletins, by making direct and personal comments to Plaintiff.
  3. The campaigns purpose was to subject Plaintiff to great mental stress and induce mental breakdown. As a result of it Plaintiff did indeed suffer from severe mental strain in 1990-97.
  4. In order to avoid the mental strain being caused to him the Plaintiff has been compelled to stop watching BBC TV news. Defendant therefore committed the tort of private nuisance, since normal use of home was interfered with.
  5. Plaintiff claims a permanent injunction prohibiting further nuisance, and damages for nuisance suffered limited to 5,000.

Naturally, my attempt to smoke-out the BBC and its lying newscasters failed. The BBCs litigation department sought to have my summons struck out; and they succeeded in doing so, on the grounds of my action
"disclosing no reasonable cause of action". I was also prevented from
issuing further civil claims against the BBC without leave of the Court. Apparently litigants-in-person frequently / usually have their claims struck out with this wording, regardless of the merit of their claims.

BBC Suppresses my Claims of "Watching by Newscasters"

BBCs staff magazine Ariel ran my advert "BBC Newsreaders Spying on my home" for one issue in the Personal category on 8/July/1997 before it was spotted and axed by editor Robin Reynolds; please see webpage; Clearly the BBC will not allow claims of its wrongdoing to be made public in the media channels it controls.

On several occasions people said to my face that harassment from the TV was happening. On the first day I worked in Oxford, I spent the evening in the local pub the Rose and Crown with the company's technical director Ian, and Phil, another employee. Ian made a few references to me and said to Phil, as if in an aside, "Is he the bloke who's been on TV?" to which Phil replied, "Yes, I think so".

The reader might think that mere "watching" by newscasters etc might be a relatively benign happening. But it is not; it is part of MI5s framework of harassment and lies. On many occasions the reactions of the BBCs newscasters to me has been in the nature of sarcasm, implicit contempt and abuse. This is visible in Witchells news programme mentioned above, where he engages in abuse by laughing at me during his newsreading. It was particularly visible in the early period of 1990-92, and as late as Autumn 1993, when during a Newsnight broadcast Jeremy Paxman interviewed a football person about soccer hooliganism, and the interviewee gave vent to an unsubtle rant about "theyre idiots, theyre just idiots, keep up the surveillance". Paxman started grinning, showing he understood and was taking part in the abuse being perpetrated on that programme.


The MI5 Persecution started with harassment by television newscasters, and today harassment by TV and radio presenters still forms a key part of MI5s activities against me. When this business started in June 1990 I was in relatively good health of mind. Years of persecution by the secret police and their mouthpieces in the state-run BBC and other media eroded my health until MI5 achieved their aim of seeing me rendered mentally ill in November 1992. The diagnosis which was forced on me unfortunately and ironically meant that my reports of the harassment are disregarded, because the mentally ill are second-class citizens in todays Britain.

Yet TV and radio harassment continues, albeit in a reduced form, despite my taping all the programmes I watch, resulting in my being able to obtain and demonstrate objectively on the website instances of media presenters attacking me. Unfortunately these recorded instances are quite tenuous; I might understand them, the presenters understand what it is theyre doing, but despite many thousands of people knowing the truth of the "newscaster watching", the omerta continues and they continue to refuse to admit the truth of the matter. It is a terrible indictment of British society that there is not even one decent person willing to speak out. I look forward to the day when the truth does finally emerge, and the mass corruption which has allowed the MI5 persecution to take place is finally purged and the Establishment criminals caught and appropriately punished.


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