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Re: Tip from mr. D.K. Burleson

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 15:06:34 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Gints Plivna wrote:
> On 27 Sept., 16:26, Helma <> wrote:

>> On Sep 27, 3:12 pm, Gints Plivna <> wrote:
>>> On 27 Sept., 11:47, Helma <> wrote:
>>>> Hello fellow DBA's,
>>>> I've read a article from Burleson where he's an enthusiast about solid
>>>> state disks:
>>>> " It's important for all Oracle professionals to learn about solid-
>>>> state disk to understand how I/O bottlenecks will soon become a thing
>>>> of the past. "
>>>> and
>>>> "The ancient platter-based disks from the 1960's will soon join paper
>>>> tape and punched cards in the annals of IT history. "
>>>> " In my reproducible benchmarks of SSD vs. platter disks, the response
>>>> time benefits of using SSD with Oracle are amazing with blistering
>>>> speeds that result in up to a 300x speed improvement. "
>>>> ( full read at
>>>> )
>>>> He doesn't mention any drawback to this SSD. Does anyone here has
>>>> experience with this SSD , and is it as big as mr Burleson says?
>>>> TIA,
>>>> Helma
>>> See
>>> check thread Solid State Disks for Databases
>>> And especially look at answer by Cary Millsap.
>>> Gints Plivna
>> Sveiks Gints!
>> Thanks for your reply. It seems that most of the remarks are about
>> price ( and the postings are 2 years old) and of course the Amdahl's
>> law - but can we sweep this one under the ceteris paribus carpet?
>> It seems a price/performance issue to me - a ratio that varies over
>> time. What's the latest on this? Or am i missing something else?
>> Regards,
>> Helma- Pasl pt cit to tekstu -
>> - R d t cit to tekstu -

> Sveiki! :)
> Sometimes postings won't get old (ok better out of date) quite a long
> time. Also this one - with SSD you can probably resolve some I/O
> problems but nothing more.
> I've never used SSD so cannot say anything about them but I've seen
> quite many apps where throwing hardware in never would get any
> significant advantage because of serialization points, crazy sqls,
> crazy requirements and so on.
> Yea I assume that there are cases when SSDs could help, but I think it
> is worth to consider them only for special purposes and after you have
> architected/optimized your app so that it scales well. Without scaling
> I don't think that any SSDs will help.
> Gints Plivna

Good point. And one might note that with the 11g RESULT CACHE one can likely achieve the same result today in 11gR1 at little or no added expense.

Daniel A. Morgan
University of Washington (replace x with u to respond)
Puget Sound Oracle Users Group
Received on Thu Sep 27 2007 - 17:06:34 CDT

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