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Re: Newbie question re refreshing Materialized Views

From: Adam Cameron <>
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 09:20:07 +0100
Message-ID: <5gymc15z2f6t$.1je3oamo5v14i$>

> What are you trying to accomplish?

I'm trying to clarify why it is Daniel thinks those questions are relevant to my situation. I thought that was pretty obvious.

> You want help. So why do you just don't answer his justified
> questions?

Well that's the thing, isn't it? I don't know about "justified", but all I was asking is if they were *relevant*, and whether he'd actually read the question correctly. As it seemed not.

> Why posting all this bullshit?

Who's the one posting bullshit here?

> Apparently you seem to 'know' the answer.

Well I kinda do now, yes. Thanks to the people who actually made constructive responses to my initial and follow-up posts.

> You are getting answers
> which don't suit you.

Sure. But c'est la vie. I can work around the situation at least now.

> In the meantime you are establishing yourself as
> a person who would best be killfiled right away, just because of your
> attitude.

Oh stop being so precious.

> As to you version questions:
> 9.0.1 is desupported. Period.
> 9.2 is desupported. If you aren't on, you don't qualify for
> extended support, you go to sustaining support right away.

Good to know. To frame the situation, the server running is a client's server (and the one I'm seeing this issue on), and I'm in no way responsible for it. However I will mention to them what you say about the support thing, and possibly suggest they upgrade. They do run mostly 10g, but for various boring reasons this app needs to be on 9i. The instance is just something I knocked together on a spare server we have so we can do some testing without needing to VPN into their environment and work on a remote desktop session, which you'll agree is a bit of a PitA, but the only access the client will give us. I installed this instance from install files I D/Led from the Oracle site only a couple of months ago, and I foolishly thought the downloads they'd offer would actually be the most up to date, so I didn't think to verify; and - to be honest - it's only a temporary muck-around machine, and I'm not that fussed. It seems what they offer for D/L is a bit out of date. I will also upgrade our environment.

> Did you ever read release notes? Probably not. Are you aware how many
> issues, *including MV issues* have been resolved between and

No, good point. Like I said, I ass-u-med that what they offer for D/L would be the most up to date. Foolish of me to make that assumption.

And, like I freely admitted, it was just an oversight on my part not to mention the version number, which I remedied as soon as it was asked. I have no problem with him having asked that question. I was only wanting to know why he was asking the other ones.

> You are undeservedly flaming Daniel Morgan,

He's the one calling *me* "dumb as dirt", remember. So I'm not sure who's flaming who here.

And where in any of my posts am I making any statements or requests for clarification which are out of line?

And what's YOUR post actually setting out to achieve, btw?

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