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Re: Insert multiple rows with a single statement

From: Sashi <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 07:36:47 -0700
Message-ID: <>

On Aug 11, 1:54 am, wrote:
> Did you actually even read my post and try to understand it?
> If so, why do you post this question? Or do you indeed expect Oracle
> should be MySQL should be a different vendor? Obviously, it never
> won't, so if you don't try to take the advice provided to you
> seriously, I suggest you stick to MySQL and stop asking us to waste
> our time.
> --
> Sybrand Bakker
> Senior Oracle DBA

Hey-Mr-I-am-so-smart-Oracle-DBA, did *YOU* try to read and understand *MY* post? If not, what business do you have of answering my question with an irrelevant answer? What hubris! I didn't ask for *your* time and if it's so precious to you (as ours is to the rest of us, whether or not you believe it) I'd advise you to spend your time with tasks that are more important to you, thank you. For you, here's my question again: does Oracle support multiple inserts using a single insert, as does mySQL? A yes or no would've answered my question. Had the answer been a yes, you could've said so and pointed me to the right syntax or give me a reference to follow up. If no, just say no. Also why do you sit judgement on mySQL? It's a fine DB and how well it matches up against Oracle is irrelevant. I just quoted mySQL to point out a construct that is supported over there as a reference. Since I'm more familiar with mySQL (poor me, in your opinion, with a snigger) and am familar with a particular construct offered, it's reasonable for me to wonder if Oracle suppors the same. Since I couldn't find it through a google search or a few references that I browsed, I asked the community for help. Yes, I'm familiar with "select all" and sql loader, thank you. But both of them are irrelevant to my question. And, yes, they're helpful suggestions to do what I'm attempting to do, albeit in a different way.
If you're helping someone, be nice about it and most importantly, don't let them feel it.
If you think people are crawling to you for help, you've got a problem. Don't waste your oh-so-precious-time helping them. Sashi Received on Thu Aug 16 2007 - 09:36:47 CDT

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