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Re: changing the isolation level

From: Ed Prochak <>
Date: 17 Jan 2007 08:11:07 -0800
Message-ID: <>

AlterEgo wrote:
> Ed,
> Re: top/bottom posting.
> Most of the time when I am accessing a newsgroup thread, I have already
> followed the thread when I open it and don't need to read the prior posts.
> My messages are read through a graphical UI and by default I am at the top
> of the thread. It takes me extra keystrokes to get to the response in a
> bottom post, so I prefer top posting.

If you are not going to comment inline or bottom, then don't quote the previous post(s). You won't be top posting or bottom posting. Delete what's not relevant.

> If one uses a text based reader, then the thread will scroll all the way to
> the bottom and the response will be in view when the message is opened in a
> bottom post. I imagine those using text based readers prefer having the
> bottom post.

I do most of my reading from google, which collapses quoted material usually.
Did you actually read the Q&A I gave you? It is not an issue of where the cursor is when the news reader opens the post.

> I am sorry it offends you, but I am not responsible for your distaste for
> top-posting. I opt for less keystrokes, and have no problem reading up or
> down if necessary. Follow your credo, don't respond.

I'm not offended, just annoyed. I posted that pithy dialog to train new users. You obviously are stuck in your ways.

You also seem to still get confused, since the credo about not responding to top posts is not mine. Still think top posting is working for you?

> Re: dirty reads.
> Trigger - that is an addtional read/write for every transaction, and it
> causes a hotspot at 2,500 transaction/sec. on our configuration.
> Any transaction failures are serialized locally on the web server and
> handled by another compensatory process, they are not counted and persisted
> in the database.
> I also believe in dirty reads for most ad-hoc reporting from OLTP databases.
> Book of record and SOX compliant reports come from an audited data mart.
> -- Bill

What do you mean by "hotspot"? Oh, never mind I really don't want to know. You never answered my question about what is the business requirement for error margin. A vague "real-time" status doesn't cut it. (I've done real REAL-TIME programming. This transaction rate isn't it, at least not in the way you presented it.)

Well you have made your choice. All I did was point out it is not a good choice, IME.

Good bye.
Ed Received on Wed Jan 17 2007 - 10:11:07 CST

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