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Re: Bind Errors - Reports 2.5 with Oracle

From: ManChild <>
Date: 13 Sep 2006 08:56:08 -0700
Message-ID: <>

pdog wrote:
> I've been trying to learn the dbms for the past few months and i'm
> always looking for good advice/tips. Sadly, i'm sorry i discovered
> this google group. I can't help but notice that DA Morgan has to
> insert a snide comment in each and every post on these boards. Why?
> does that make you feel better about yourself? we get it, Dan is the
> Oracle man. are you happy now? can you get over yourself now and just
> help someone out without belittling them?
> Mean people suck and you're a loser if you respond to this because you
> know i'm right.
> DA Morgan wrote:
> > ManChild wrote:
> > > Recently migrated from 8.1.7 to 9i and my Oracle Reports are no longer
> > > working -- I am getting an ORA-01006 Bind Variable does not exist. Has
> > > anybody had any success running reports developed in 2.5 to run against
> > > They are working on but I am rushed for time -
> > > don't really have the resources to upgrade this and all the instances
> > > on it so quickly.
> >
> > Apparently the concept of testing evaded your management.
> > Did you check metalink?
> > --
> > Daniel Morgan
> > Puget Sound Oracle Users Group

It can seem like Sybrand and DA Morgan can be a little short but the answers they give are good and just because they don't pretty them up doesnt mean they arn't valuable. One way or another Sybrand has been able to point me in the right direction on and off for years be it in my thread or anothers ..... you just have to live with it dude, especially if you are doing the asking and not able to contribute much.

Working with Reports 2.5 on Oracle 9i is not 'ideal' --- I expect to get a little heat for it.

Tis all good. Received on Wed Sep 13 2006 - 10:56:08 CDT

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