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DBAShell - Open Source project for Oracle DBA's

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Date: 24 Jul 2006 10:52:50 -0700
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I’'ve been an Oracle DBA for quite some time (since 7.0.13) and a developer for many years. One of the things I’'ve always wished for was an easier way to set up environment variables for different Oracle Home’s and a way to provide passwords to scripts without embedding them in plain-view.

About 3 years ago, I started a set of functions and scripts at my company that did exactly just that and provided many more functions for things like checking database status, running scripts quietly unless errors are detected, running actions in parallel (like fast shutdowns at once, or multiple analyzes), restarting databases in a guaranteed fashion, aliases to common folder locations, etc..

About a month ago, after putting all this time and effort into these scripts and using them in production all this time, I realized I wanted more out of the scripts like support for other databases and thought that it would be best if I gave it new life as an Open Source project.

So that is how was started. Now it’s in a second release (DBAShell 0.85) that is more modular and would allow other people to easily add support for other OS’s, other Shells, and other Databases.

Here is a description of the project from the latest news item:

DBAShell is a project based around Shell functions and scripts designed to make it easy for DBA's to use Databases in a command line environment. Currently supported is Oracle with ksh and bash on AIX, Solaris, Linux. The code base itself is 3 years old and has been in use in Production environments all of that time.

Features include:

Over a thousand people have already downloaded the prior release and more are downloading every hour.

I'm seeking feedback from anybody that would be willing to take a look at the project, trying it out, give me any feedback you have on it, and perhaps even direct me to where I could best promote this project.

I wrote a tutorial that shows at a glance some of the more useful features of DBAShell:

Main site:


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