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Re: Resourceful Link for Oracle

From: Galen Boyer <>
Date: 3 Jul 2006 20:22:01 -0500
Message-ID: <>

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006, wrote:
> Galen Boyer wrote:

>> On 23 Jun 2006, wrote:
>>> Galen Boyer wrote:
>>>> Do the 80% of your responses directing posters to your website
>>>> belong in
>>>> --
>>>> Galen Boyer
>>> Directing a poster to a helpful website in response to a question is
>>> markedly different to unsolicited spam, isn't it?  Or did I miss a
>>> meeting...?
>> Directing one to your personally maintained website has quite a
>> bit of
>> similarity to, not as egregious, but still holds its own flavor of
>> commercialism.

> Personally maintained? The site is owned by a user group with more
> than 1000 members and several web masters.

You have Morgan's library. Are you saying you don't maintain that?

> I direct people to where I know they will find the answer. Tom Kyte
> refers people to places he knows contain the answer. So does Jonathan
> and so do you. The posts are to answer a specific question posted by
> someone with code demos that cost them nothing and do not expose them
> to marketing materials.

Your site does contain marketing materials.

> If you create a site with equal value I would be happy to direct them
> there too.


Your site is good, but are you trying to have me believe that you do this completely and 100% only to "help" Oracle folks in need and you have zero interest in profiting from it? You don't think Tom Kyte's site helps him sell books and keep his great name out there? You don't think Jonathan's postings here haven't helped him sell his book? Either you will or already are benefiting from the good work done by the site of which you have a fairly extensive page.

It isn't a direct marketing ploy, such as the spammers that hit the group, but for someone who is partaking in an indirect commercial venture, I find it a bit like the brown pot calling the black kettle black. Yes, someone who just posts flat out marketing material is, without question, violating some newsgroup charter (BTW, where is ours?), but those that sends users to their own page, are also performing the same thing, just not nearly as egregious.

Let me ask you a simple question. Have you ever talked about your page in an interview? I damn sure would if I was you.

Galen Boyer
Received on Mon Jul 03 2006 - 20:22:01 CDT

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