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Re: Business justification for Oracle db server?

From: Paul <>
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 11:10:50 +0100
Message-ID: <>

"database_prof" <> wrote:

>Hello! I need to write business justification for Oracle db server
>being installed in our company. We have issue with many small Access,
>Excell spreadsheet data storages, and need to have reliable and up to
>date database of inventory. We also hope to have web front end access
>for users to view and modify that data.
>I vote for Oracle, but will need to write down business justification
>for it before proceeding with using server and installing Oracle.

Sounds like you need an ERM/CRM type system - there are literally hundreds of them out there - you might be better advised to go down that route, rather than asking about what db will I use and then what language will I use to update and change the data. Thousands of programmers have sweated into the night trying to solve these issues.

>Can somebody throw good ideas on how and what to put in business
>justification for this case, maybe example of already written

You shouldn't be asking about the db itself, but rather about systems. If the one you pick uses Oracle, then well and good. However, depending on your volumes of business and number of transactions, Oracle may be overkill. It is a "beast" of a system, requiring a dba and arcane mastery of all manner of database subtlities.

See what the vendors of ERM/CRM systems say to you about their own db implementation. They may have a vested interest in your picking Oracle (they can get more money - a small percentage of an expensive system is worth more than a small percentage of a cheap one).

Post what the vendors say in comp.databases and ask what do other posters think. As for this question, it belongs in and I have set the followups.

It is generally considered rude to post the same question to multiple groups (cross-posting) - pick the most appropriate one and stick to it.



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