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Re: Forms 9/10 Without Application Server?

From: Sunish <>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 15:44:46 +0700
Message-ID: <>

Rich May wrote:
> Hi all, hope somebody can help me.
> We're looking to finally make a long overdue upgrade. At present
> we're still using Developer/2000 - Forms 4.5 in a client/server
> environment and now want to drag ourseleves into the 21st century.
> However as I understand it in order to use Forms 9i or 10g we also
> need to run Application Server.
> We've been paying Oracle lots of money over the years for support on
> our database and developer licenses but now find that in order to
> actually use the software we have to pay an extra 10,000 for AS. As
> a charity this is simply not going to happen. Is there therefore any
> way to run Forms 9i or 10g forms with AS?

I'm also looking for some solution as currently we are on Oracle 8.1.7 and forms 6. Want to upgrade to Database 10g stdandard one edition and Developer 10g, we are not a big shop but have 7 locations running oracle with around 20-30 users each.

BUT.... Forms and report services are only available on App. Server 10g "Enterprise Edition". which means 600$ per named user or 30000$ per processor. Earlier the runtime used to be free, but with the new App. server , I think oracle is saying that it is meant only for high-end shops so stop using oracle in small and medium size businesses. Seems like M$ $QL server will gain this business, though it can not compare to the ffeatures and benifits offered by Oracle, but certainly the price will kill.

Pls help.

sunish at megawecare dot com

> For the record we have one dedicated Oracle server (running
> that we'll be using to do everything. Is it possible to use any of
> the basic web server tools that come with the database to run the
> forms?
> Any help much appreciated.
> Cheers
> Richard May
> Network Manager
> Museum of London Group
Received on Fri Nov 26 2004 - 02:44:46 CST

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