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Re: Oracle Backup for dummies?

From: HansF <>
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 05:33:14 GMT
Message-ID: <u0hld.149527$df2.91058@edtnps89>

tpcolson wrote:

> I've set up an Oracle 9i (9.0.2) database to serve as a spatial repository
> for ArcSDE GIS data ( Now....I am by no means a db
> admin...or a SQL programmer. This DB is for storage of GIS data related to
> a PhD project...and in a university setting....users are their own IT
> shop. The challenge is...I need to figure how to configure enterprise
> manager console to do backup/recovery. SO far, I've configure the
> dataspace holding the spatial data to be in "Archive Log Mode" and it runs
> fine...etc...I can even do online or offline backups. The problem
> is...I've been testing to see if I
> can do a recovery from the backups I've made...using the wizard in
> enterprise manager console. The recovery never works, and the database
> never starts up again, due to any number of what seems like a 100 errors.
> would think, that if you click the "recover button", it would
> perform a recovery, right? Is there anything I'm missing here? I really
> can't get into all that SQL stuff for performing recoveries. I'm trying to
> set this up so even the dumbest user (myself) can click a button or two
> and execute a recovery after they delete two weeks of project data. Thanks
> for any advice.

Hmmmm ... a 9.0.2 database ... would you please verify that number (I susect it's a 9.2.0.x as Oracle went from 9.0.1 to 9.2.0 and 9.0.2 is a designation for Application Server, not database)

There are a umber of things you could do, but there are an awful lot of decisions that need to get resolved first. You might find a scan of the Oracle Backup and Recovery Concepts manual useful - for 9.2 it's at ... and in PDF

You don't seem to need up-to-the-minute recovery, so basically I'd almost suggest that this is throw-away and you could get away with a cold backup (shutdown database, copy all related files, restart). That can be handled by a relatively simple script. Just remember to shutdown first (or you have a 99.9999..% chance of unsync'd and therefore probably corrupt files) and copy ALL related files.. Do that periodically (daily) and recovery is to that point in time simply by copying the files back.

Since this is but one of several variations, I strongly suggest you spend some time reading the manual to decide what is right.

By the way - I've dropped the ( and cdo.marketplace as the question is totally off-topic for those newsgroups. Since the same group of people reads all the newsgroups, I suggest your replies and further interaction be kept to cdo.server ... for more, see (I, for one, don;t like seeing the same question over and over.)

/Hans Received on Fri Nov 12 2004 - 23:33:14 CST

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