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Re: Oracle Backup for dummies?

From: Paul Drake <>
Date: 13 Nov 2004 07:34:50 -0800
Message-ID: <>

"tpcolson" <> wrote in message news:<cn30bb$ffc$>...

> I've set up an Oracle 9i (9.0.2) database to serve as a spatial repository
> for ArcSDE GIS data ( Now....I am by no means a db admin...or
> a SQL programmer. This DB is for storage of GIS data related to a PhD
> project...and in a university setting....users are their own IT shop. The
> challenge is...I need to figure how to configure enterprise manager console
> to do backup/recovery. SO far, I've configure the dataspace holding the
> spatial data to be in "Archive Log Mode" and it runs fine...etc...I can even
> do online or offline backups. The problem is...I've been testing to see if I
> can do a recovery from the backups I've made...using the wizard in
> enterprise manager console. The recovery never works, and the database never
> starts up again, due to any number of what seems like a 100 errors.
> would think, that if you click the "recover button", it would perform a
> recovery, right? Is there anything I'm missing here? I really can't get into
> all that SQL stuff for performing recoveries. I'm trying to set this up so
> even the dumbest user (myself) can click a button or two and execute a
> recovery after they delete two weeks of project data. Thanks for any advice.

forget all about that java stuff and fire up a command prompt. </old_timer>

seriously, if you are windows-inclined, cmd.exe, sqlplus.exe, rman.exe are all you need (although cygwin wouldn't hurt and the occassional lsnrctl.exe, orapwd.exe, oradim.exe, imp.exe, exp.exe and sqlldr.exe).

if you're running on Linux, bash, sqlplus, and rman are all you need for backup/restore/recovery.
I can think of no reason to be running the OEM GUI.

start here: (as I believe that you meant Oracle 9i R2 9.2)


-bdbafh Received on Sat Nov 13 2004 - 09:34:50 CST

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