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Re: Oracle or mySQL

From: Roy Hann <specially_at_processed.almost.meat>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 13:26:04 -0000
Message-ID: <41878b50$0$116$>

"DA Morgan" <> wrote in message news:1099247522.824655_at_yasure...
> michael newport wrote:
> > obviously the people on CDI already know about Ingres.
> >
> > The original poster here may not know that Ingres is actually better
than MySQL,
> > and also OpenSource.


> If you have something to promote then stop being a rude inconsiderate
> troll. All usenet groups have charters. This one too. And you are
> supposed to be responsible enough to read it before posting to
> determine what is and is not appropriate.
> What you are doing is promoting a product and that is strictly
> forbidden. So either post at c.d.o.marketplace or go to c.d.ingres
> where, as Mark Townsend has pointed out, you haven't posted once.
> If you have something to offer offer it there. Otherwise expect us to
> contact your ISP and report you for your activities Yahoo is very good
> at cancelling accounts when they receive evidence that someone has
> repeatedly been advised of charter violations and persisted in their
> behavior.
> In short ... get on-topic or get lost.
> --
> Daniel A. Morgan
> University of Washington

I have crossed swords with Mr. Newport on the Ingres group, and I know perfectly well how tiresome he can be. However he is merely tiresome. You on the other hand are making more or less explicit threats with the clear hope of intimidating and silencing him. I find that kind of bullying infinitely more offensive, and I wouldn't be surprised to discover that your university takes a dim view of you borrowing its resources and its identity to do it. He would probably be quite justified in making a complaint to the university. Furthermore, you either haven't read, or haven't understood the charter that you refer to, because he isn't violating it (with the posting you are replying to), and you have misrepresented its wording.

My experience is that Michael Newport is impervious to logic and his motivations are impossible to discern, but he does provide a useful pretext for everyone else to present a rational contrary view. Why not use it?

Roy Hann
(speaking only for himself) Received on Tue Nov 02 2004 - 07:26:04 CST

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