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Re: Dynamic SQL to disable constraints.

From: Ed prochak <>
Date: 23 Sep 2004 11:11:11 -0700
Message-ID: <> (Louis Frolio) wrote in message news:<>...
> (Ed prochak) wrote in message news:<>...
> > then Sybrand Baker:
> > >I think that I may need to employ
> > >dbms_sql but I am not sure.
> >
> > execute immediate works without problem.
> > I would urge you to look into better solutions, like to find out
> > whether you can set the constraints to deferred.
> > This method is, ahem, yes: crap.
> > ===
> > first he noted your solution would work (implying it is a compile time
> > problem), hinted at an alternative solution (defferred constraints),
> > and ended with a remark about the first solution's ability to enhance
> > plant growth. 8^)
> > yes the remark might be more diplomatically worded. Okay, let's call
> > it negative.
> >

> >
> > > I just hope that people
> > > can learn to be more sympathetic to others and if they can't say
> > > something positive or relevant then they should just keep quiet. Even
> > > across cultural boundaries I would hope that this is self evident and
> > > within the boundaries of common sense, perhaps I wrong but hopefully I
> > > am not.
> > >
> > > With that said I will drop this.
> > >
> > > Regards, Louis Frolio
> >
> > This is the way of newsgroups. IF you read the news.newusers posting,
> > then you might know that you should browse a group for a bit before
> > posting. Then you would know the culture of the group. It is not the
> > group's responsibility to find multicultural-acceptable responses to
> > posts. (especially since that may be impossible.) You would also know
> > to search the group for the FAQ to see if it holds the answer to your
> > question. And nowadays with GOOGLE and other search engines, you can
> > search the group to see if your question was answered before.
> >
> >
> > Have you ever dealt with a gruff fellow employee at work? In the
> > market? while driving?
> > Do you really think newsgroups are any different than those other
> > areas of life?
> >
> > Have a nice day, and keep posting.
> > Ed.
> Ed, I applaud you for intervening with a genuine and earnest intent.
> I had put this issue to rest but I am willing to discuss further.
> With that said I would like you to re-read Sybrand's first response to
> my query and in all honesty tell me that he provided a straight answer
> as it pertained to my PL/SQL question. Yes he did indicate that
> "execute immediate" is the way to go and I had tried that (see my
> original post), obviously I had some syntax wrong and I was hoping
> that someone in the group could show me the error. What he should
> have said was that my code was indeed erroneous and I that I needed to
> look more carefully at what I did. As you state "hinted at an
> alternative solution (deferred constraints)" is completely irrelevant
> to my initial query and as far as I am concerned should have been a
> side note to his response if he felt compelled to share his position.

Actually, if sybrand doesn't mind my paraphrasing, he made three points:

your posted code has a compile problem, BUT there is another way to solve your problem. The alternative is much safer and robust.

It's not that your question was bad, it's that your solution to your problem was bad, dangerous. He really wants you to do the right thing with your code.

> I have been using News Groups for well over 7 years, do a search on my
> last name and you will find posts dating back to 1997. Throughout
> that time I have been constantly amazed at the overt hostility to
> persons who post what some "perceive" to be stupid questions. Anyone
> who goes to college learns that there exists no such thing as a stupid
> question.

Agreed, I've even used that exact phrase in the past.

> ... Even if someone does post a trite question do others need
> to flame that person? Doesn't that indeed chew up more bandwidth, the
> very thing the flamers are trying to conserve? With all this said I
> really think that certain people in this newsgroup really need to
> chill out and have more patience with others. Mr. Bakker is very
> knowledgeable, there is no debate here. However, it does not give him
> the right to lash out at people when "he feels" a question or method
> or whatever is irrelevant to him or his cronies.

Like I said, you miss his point. The EXECUTE IMMEDIATE solution to contraint problems is bad practice. It is a poor kludge especially in the presense of a stronger solution, namely DEFFERRED CONSTRAINTS. Sybrand was trying to teach something to you and to other readers. (Lurkers form a big part of the group.) You may have had good reasons for the solution you chose, but you didn't share them. Without Sybrand's post some readers may have seen your solution, read the syntax corrections, and began taking it as best practices in their shop.

> .... I do not have a
> problem with any of the other posts in this thread, so I am not sure
> why you quoted others.

Because you mentioned something about the majority of negative responses. I counted 1 negative, 1 neutral, and 2 positive in the initial responses. Somehow that didn't seem a majority to me.

> ... Finally, with all this said I would like to
> challenge all those "aggressive drivers" in this newsgroup to just
> show a bit more compassion and patience with others. If you have
> something to share do it with grace and sincerity.

and a little humor doesn't hurt, but adding smileys 8^) may be needed since humor is sometimes culturally somewhat uneven.

> Regards, Louis Frolio
> P.S. I recently posted a question on replication; let's hope no one
> out there finds it irrelevant :)

Sometimes I just have to vent my frustrations. This time was your turn. I may not have exactly lent a sympathetic ear, but I hope you got it all out. It may be that all of us are under more stress, so even when sticking to technical issues we get to your limits sooner.

Let's get back to work and smile. The boss will wonder what we drank for lunch 8^)

Have a good day!
  ed Received on Thu Sep 23 2004 - 13:11:11 CDT

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