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Re: Help wanted re 8.1.6 Personal

From: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 07:02:27 GMT
Message-ID: <8uqo22$ch4$>

I have the same problem trying to install on WindowsME on a AMD K6-2 400 with 192mb.
I've tried both 98 and NT installs and both fail when reading the products saying there is an error accessing the staging area.

Anybody know what's going on here?

In article <g0pG5.82311$>,   "Bill Lathan" <> wrote:
> I downloaded the 8.1.6 personal editions, both for Windows 98 and
> NT. However, I'm having problems with installing both of them (well, I
> really want to install only one, but when one fails, I try the other).
> I have an AMD 450MHz system set up to boot either Windows 98SE or
> 2000 using System Commander 2000. First, Windows 98: trying the
> install with this OS either gives me a hang when it's trying to
 create the
> database that is part of the product, or this last time, the log
> that it didn't like a statement in the script to install the DB. Yes,
> time I install with Windows 98, I use a Oracle-free C: partition; I
> use Drive Copy to restore a good image of Windows 98 without the
> stuff.
> On Windows 2000, I get a strange error in the log indicating it's
> trouble with something involving Visual Studio. Now I do have VS 6.0
> installed. However, the htm doc with the personal edition indicates
 that the
> VS portion of Oracle isn't even installed with the typical selection.
> So, I'm stumped. It was my hope to get one of these going so that I
> learn something about Oracle. Oracle assumes one is a DBA for
> purposes, and unfortunately, all the books refer to older editions
 due to
> the time-to-market cycle for publications. Any ideas would be

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