Upgrading Oracle 12.1 to Oracle 19 on Win-x64

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Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2020 20:45:24 +0000
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Greetings to all,

I have been given a server that has about 18 databases on it, a combination of Production and Test and Dev, all on the same server.

I didn’t build it and have inherited it and now have to upgrade it.

The Oracle 12.1 install and all the Oracle services on the server are owned by a Windows Domain account called MYDOMAIN\ora.service.

I went and unzipped the Oracle 19 install and went to run the setup. First thing it told me was that the ora.service account has administrator privileges and can’t be used to install the Oracle software.

So then I was going to just perform the install in a different ORACLE_BASE using one of the recommended account options when it hit me.

When I go to run DBUA to upgrade the databases, if the services are owned by different accounts, it probably won’t work. The database upgrade documentation confirm this. Database upgrade is supported when the same Windows user account is used as the Oracle Home user in both the source and the destination Oracle Homes.

I have an SR open with Oracle Support but they are not being super responsive at the moment. This has been dragging on for over a week and I need to get the initial dev/test upgraded done to meet project deadlines.

The advice I’ve received so far is “Install in a different home with a different user, then export and import or restore and upgrade”.

Neither of those are particularly appealing to me, let along running into the problems of having to create new database names since I’d be building new databases on the existing server and having to reconfigure all the application connect strings.

Is there a way to get around this? What happens if I have the system administrator remove the Administrative privileges from the ora.service domain account ? Will this affect the running Oracle 12.1 production databases in any way? Nearly all the databases I regularly look after are on Linux so I don’t run into these Windows security setting problems and I’m just not familiar enough with the intricacies of Windows and Oracle to make an informed decision and I don’t want to go play with things blindly since there are production instances at stake here.

Once the service is started as Admin does it do things to the database binaries and data files where removal of Admin would break things ?

Appreciate any information or anecdotes around this situation.



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