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From: Steve Wales (AddOns) <"Steve>
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2020 18:33:18 +0000
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For those keeping score at home, I've received a couple of different options to resolve this issue:

First: Using Norm's advice below I copied the export file into ASM and performed the import. It ran, but I couldn't get the logfile to write so got around that this way:

ASMCMD> cd data
ASMCMD> mkdir exports
ASMCMD> cp /mnt/mydir/myfile.dmp +data/exports

SQL> Create directory backups as 'exports'

This created a directory backups pointing to +DATA/exports

The import failed with an inability to write the logfile.

Got around that by using one of the Oracle defined direcories instead for the logfile:

Impdp directory=backups dumpfile=myfile.dmp logfile=ORACLE_BASE:myfile_imp.log

Second: I had also raised an SR with Oracle Support

This also appears to work:

Login to CDB:

alter session set "_oracle_script"=TRUE; alter session set container = cdb$root; create or replace directory backups sharing=metadata as '/tmp'; alter session set container = ellprd9;
create or replace directory backups sharing=metadata as 'tmp';

I haven't completely tested that one yet, but the directory DID create correctly in the PDB..

Thanks also to Sayan for responding, I've filed your solution away for later testing, I had such a problem getting the encryption wallets set up for these PDB's that the unplug and replug was an option of last resort here 😊

Thanks again for the replies.


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On 02/07/2020 08:35, Steve Wales (AddOns) wrote:
> I’m not very fluent in the intricacies of ASM but if Oracle let’s you
> export to as ASM directory, I figure there has to be a way to drag my
> 120GB datapump export file into +DATA inside ASM somehow. Maybe
> that’s my solution? How would I manage to go about that ?

Have you looked at the "cp" command in the asmcmd utility? That allows files to be copied into and out of ASm, apparently.

Other, possible, options are the procedure DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER.COPY_FILE but that appears to only allow database files to be copied into AMD. :(

HTH Cheers,


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