Re: PDB refresh

From: Tim Hall <>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 17:27:50 +0000
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Something that may have slipped your notice, the refresh only happens if the PDB is closed. If it is open, the refresh is skipped. When I wrote about this I said,

"The auto-refresh is only possible if the PDB is closed. This sounds odd, but the auto-refresh is meant to be used when the refreshable PDB is a source of a chain of clones. As such, you would open it read-only, use it as the source of a new clone, then close it again, so it can stay up to date. If you want the PDB to be open read-only most of the time, it's better to define your own job that closes, refreshes and opens the PDB again."

This has always been the case, and is still documented this way in 20c.

"A refreshable PDB must be closed when a refresh is performed. If it is not closed when automatic refresh is attempted, then the refresh is deferred until the next scheduled refresh. If it is not closed when a user attempts to perform manual refresh, then an error is reported."





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