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Hi, Sallie - in my last “real” DBA job, before I moved to Quest and started doing Sales Engineering stuff; we used Virtual Private Database for just exactly the same type of thing you outlined.

We had one column in one table that contained a Tax ID number, and needed to protect it. VPD was the easiest solution for us.

I might have some examples, or be able to come up with something when I’m back in my (home) office later today.

At least then (Oracle 11), it did require Advanced Security.

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What are your thoughts/experiences with encryption? We have one very old database that stores SSN in several tables (did I say it is old and definitely not normalized?). The system is currently being rewritten but in the meantime, we are looking to see Oracle options for encryption. In your experiences how have you handled just one element encryption or one element in several locations?

I’m also assuming this will require an additional license – is that correct?

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