Re: ***UNCHECKED*** Oracle Cloud APEX and Lets Encrypt

From: Tim Hall <>
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2020 18:58:56 +0000
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Currently, you have to put something in front. Either a compute instance acting as a reverse proxy, or a load balancer I guess. From what you've said I assume you already know how to do this, but this is an example of using Let's Encrypt.

I recently did this myself on the free tier. :)

I've heard tell that allowing a vanity URL for APEX is something in the pipeline for the cloud database services, but I'm not sure how far the line that is, and I'm not sure if it will support Let's Encrypt. I'm guessing not.



On Thu, Mar 5, 2020 at 5:43 PM Ethan Post <> wrote:

> Chicken-egg problem here.
> To use vanity urls in oracle cloud APEX I need a cert for the load
> balancer. I can't generate a cert with Lets Encrypt unless I own the web
> server. I could possibly generate a cert on another platform and then use
> it. Maybe that is solution but not sure if cert is somehow tied to anything
> I don't know about. Then refreshing the cert still becomes issue.
> Is there a way to do above that I am missing? Maybe another free cert
> provider?
> The other option is to stand up a compute instance and install a web
> server and use as reverse proxy to APEX. I see Dmitri Gielis's articles on
> this and can do if required.
> Thanks,
> Ethan

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