Re: ASM vs ACFS for 18.7 on X8-2M ODA

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Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2019 11:57:21 -0800
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FYI, this is an excellent ASM book

Hoping it gets updated for Filter Driver.

On Fri, Dec 13, 2019 at 17:07 Mladen Gogala <> wrote:

> Hi Jack!
> ACFS is a cluster file system which runs on top of a cluster volume
> manager, namely ASM. Most of other, competing cluster file systems like
> GPFS, GFS or NTFS run on top of a cluster volume manager. File system is
> much more practical than volume manager devices because you can use OS
> utilities like tar, cp, find or ls. The price you pay for that practicality
> is another software layer on top of the volume manager. The main reason for
> abandoning OCFS2 was the fact that it was open source and could have
> potentially been used by competitors. Bill Long, the author of the first
> and only ASM book that I am aware of, has explicitly said so in his book.
> ACFS is a completely proprietary file system and such danger doesn't exist.
> I have tested ACFS on version 12.2 and have yet to rebuild my cluster on
> the version 19.5. Version 18c is a dead end and I wouldn't use it without
> having a very good reason.
> As far as the cluster file systems go, ACFS is a very decent one and
> performs really well. The performance penalty you pay is not steep and you
> get the versatility of an excellent cluster file system. I am all for ACFS.
> Regards
> On 12/13/19 3:13 PM, Jack Applewhite wrote:
> We just got our two new X8-2M ODAs installed and are debating whether or
> not to use ACFS. We had to do so on the X5s we're migrating from, but I
> never have liked the idea of the ACFS layer on top of ASM, especially for
> DB files. I've looked back and found various arguments, but they seem tied
> to more-or-less specific architectures. These X8s are standalone, bare
> metal, non-HA servers, so none of the RAC-ready junk we had to deal with in
> the X4s and X5s.
> I'm pushing for only ASM for DBs, but maybe an ACFS filesystem for regular
> OS files.
> What are some experiences, recommendations, pointers for us to consider?
> Thanks.
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