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I use Oracle’s “archival” storage for about 500Gb (soon to be 1Tb) of “offsite backup” for my home systems – costs me $.02/month. At least with Oracle, there’s no “ingress” (write) charge and it’s reasonably fast, even over a 10Mbit Internet connection; but , retrieval costs $$ (forget the exact amount, I only test it every few months.

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Traditionally, in the places that I have been, the tape backups of databases were sent over to companies like Iron Mountan. However, with Amazon or other companies offering storage cheap (I hear they only charge for reading not writing, true?), storing backups there is being floated as a possible solution. Has anyone here used Amazon or other such options for storing their DB backups. What are their experiences. Was data retrieval fast enough. Plus any risk related to security?


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