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Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 04:23:39 +0000
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I have been playing around with central inventory lately. Apparently, we have huge boxes with many DBs(40+) on them, and we don't share Oracle Homes between databases. While this offers nice isolation in terms of maintenance to a particular home, but it is a nightmare getting them patched. By design, central inventory gets locked whenever there is maintenance on any Oracle Home. This results in operational difficulties to get all databases on the host patched, quickly.

Anyway, as a possible resolution, I am experimenting with central inventory. Oracle allows having independent central inventory for each home. However, I see Oracle has inherent hard dependency on /etc/oraInst.loc for central inventory location.

Upon grid install, /etc/oraInst.loc points to central inventory created, which has info about CRS. Now, if I were to implement separate central inventory for each new home. I have to remove /etc/oraInst.loc so that next Oracle Home (DB) install creates its own central inventory. However, if I remove oraInst.loc, it results in Bug 29716919(raised an ER), for db home install. As a workaround, I create an empty /etc/oraInst.loc and installer runs fine. I have to repeat same thing, for all new homes. You can see where this is going. This also means, I cant do 2 parallel installs either('d love to have it though).

My initial rationale was keeping separate central inventory shall allow me to do parallel patching of db homes. Although, this has worked so far, as opatch supports invPtrloc flag, doesn't directly depend upon /etc/oraInst.loc. Interestingly, not all utilities do...e.g. Runinstall in OH doesn't have this flag, while runinstall in OH/oui/bin does. :P

My worries grow...

  1. when I decide to do deinstalls, via deinstall utility. If /etc/oraInst.loc doesn't exist deinstall utility errors out (ERROR: null). This means, if I were to have deinstall and install run on separate homes at sametime, in parallel. It won't work. Workaround, do a hard deinstall(rm), after dropping db.
  2. If I don't have /etc/oraInst.loc, adrci wonders where is ADR_BASE, (adrci_dir.mif file workaround doesn't work). I have to explicitly export ADR_BASE on prompt to work.
  3. Goldimage deployment(INSTALL_DB_SWONLY) doesn't work if /etc/oraInst.loc doesn't exist.
  4. It is even messier when we move to RAC systems. Although, having an empty /etc/oraInst.loc on first node allows installer to work.

How do you handle multiple homes on a box, in your environments? How do make patching faster?

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