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From: Michael Schmitt <>
Date: Thu, 2 May 2019 17:40:57 +0000
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Yes, it is really the service definition that we are struggling with. We have found when we use type=forking , systemd will kill off our oracle processes during the next server shutdown instead of waiting for the database(s) to shutdown. We are trying to avoid a db crash as part of a server shutdown. It works fine if we do not bring down the database down between server boots. This is even with killmode=none. If you haven't run into that problem, we might need to test it again just incase the test got messed up for some other reason


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I wrote a simple script that seems to work, it starts/stops multiple Oracle instances and listeners (it looks for entries with Y in oratab). The content of the systemd service definition is reported in the header. You could try to use it as a template and adapt it for your environment.


On 01/05/2019 22.00, Michael Schmitt wrote: Hi Oracle-l

Has anyone had any luck getting systemd to play nicely with Oracle databases? It seems like every document I have read offers different suggestions and each of those come with their own set of issues

The main issue we are having is systemd killing the oracle processes in different circumstances (when databases are manually restarted due to cold backups/patching/etc). We really just want systemd to call our custom startup/shutdown scripts when the server reboots (and shutdown the database in advance of the network), instead of trying to manage the database processes

Thanks in advance

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