Re: Forms 6i vs. rdbms 12.2

From: John Kelly <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 23:46:38 -0400
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Hi Patrice,

It sounds like you've already found the SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION parameters. Did you try setting these on both the client and the server?  The other option might be to install both the Oracle 12.1 and 12.2 binaries and use a 12.1 listener to communicate with the 12.2 database. I did something similar back in Oracle 11 and I believe this should still work. The additional advantage to this approach is that with the separate oracle home you won't have to downgrade all of the SQLNET connections to the older version and you get better security.


John Kelly

sample syntax:


On 6/26/18 3:39 PM, Patrice sur GMail wrote:
> (don't laugh; I know Forms 6i is concurrent with Oracle 7.3 and it's
> not secure.  The app maintenance people know the apps should have been
> upgraded years ago)
> We have a couple of really old intranet apps written using Forms 6i,
> so far we have managed to keep them running without upgrading them. 
> One of them is composed of over 200 forms (not counting plls, menus,
> reports).
> I upgraded a dev database from 11.2 to 12.2., did what I could think
> of to allow the old apps to connect, downgraded the listener
> compatibility mode from 12 to 11, then to 8 though I think 9i might
> have been okay.  I even turned off mixed case logins in the database
> but Forms 6i still can't connect.
> Is there any way to allow Forms 6i apps to connect to 12.2?
> ​One discussion online mentions that Forms 6i could connect to 12.1,
> but as of 12.2. it really is the end of the road for this old version
> of forms.​
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> ​I'll post on the Oracle Forms community forum and log an SR, though I
> can predict what Oracle Support will tell me with their funeral
> director voice.​
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