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Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2018 00:57:50 -0700
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The base code is about deployment and config, but as you expand what you put under automation, it is about general operations to.  

The real part of automation and deployment is about repeatable task implementation and being able to perform against the whole fleet even at the same time.  

With puppet modules I have developed a standard RU/RUR from deployment of code to server to patch apply completion is 12 minutes. Now imagine patching your whole fleet in the same 12 minutes.

Automation is about being a force multiplier for you and insurance of fleet consistency.  

For full operational automation you have to start thinking in terms of SOPs. If you can write down the steps that need to be performed, you can automate the process.  

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I took a quick look at the github repo, it looked like a lot of code/config. My question is will it still work in a year or two? If not are you ready to fix the supporting code in the repo?  

I have never worked in an environment where provisioning was a big issue and certainly not the bulk of workload. I feel like many of us are adopting a provisioning mindset because the folks designing tools like puppet, chef and ansible are heavy users of provisioning and higher ups are pushing “automation”. If provisioning was an issue I would probably just build out an image which can quickly be replicated or find some other solution which off the top of my head I can think of a few.  

Just my 2 cents. Been here for many years but like a bunch of you just lurk these days. No better list in the world IMHO.  



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as appealing as ansible sounds (at least to investigate), i think i'll run with puppet for now since I'm new here and it's what everyone uses. thanks for all the input!

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