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From: Matthew Parker <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2018 07:52:39 -0700
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I do puppet coding for a variety of clients for delivery of Oracle products.

We have had none of the failures in delivering Oracle with puppet that Jay spoke of.

Both Puppet and Ansible are viable tools for delivering Oracle. However you deliver Oracle for all possibilities you are stepping int othe deep end of the pool, not because of the tools, but because of Oracle itself.  

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I'm a big fan of Ansible. I've used it on many projects Oracle related. It is very extensible and fairly easy to pick up, and since the Red Hat acquisition, it's feature development has really taken off. Take a look at Ansible Tower to see what I mean.  


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that's interesting. thanks for input.  

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We’re abandoning Puppet for our database installs and patching and are currently investigating Ansible. We generally had about a 25% failure rate with our database installs running the exact same process each time.  

It might be that the people in charge of Puppet here just weren’t good enough at it but we ended up doing a lot of manual installs after Puppet failures. It seems to work well for most non-database related tasks.    

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The system administration folks here are big fans of Puppet. After deciding to take it seriously and reading a bit about it (yes, I'm behind the times), the advantages are clear and Puppet or some other configuration management software should probably be in the mix for any well managed database environment. Ansible seems to be picking up steam in Oracle-land. At least that's true for my twitter feed and rss subscriptions. Is anyone else out there using Puppet to perform DBA related tasks? If so, do you have any pointers on where to start? Is there any reason to avoid Puppet and choose another technology? There is a free module on Puppet Forge at <> . Does anyone have any experience with that?  

Thanks in advance for any input.  


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