Re: Agent restarts and .bash_profile

From: Will Beldman <>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2018 15:27:22 -0400
Message-ID: <1871550.QKmm0MRBCG_at_wbeldma>

According to the bash manpage, there are very specific rules about when the .bash_profile/.bashrc/.profile files are picked up.

.bash_profile is only read if the shell is interactive or if it isn't but you also supplied --login. Presumably, restarting the agent does not do either (it must be a non-interactive shell that doesn't supply --login).

So assuming restarting the agent is classified as "non-interactive", from how I read the manpage, you could get away with setting BASH_ENV as "~oracle/.bash_profile" first, then restarting the agent.

Alternatively, there could be other config files you supply for the agent that I'm not knowledgeable enough to comment on.

On Monday May 14 2018 01:43:40 PM Dave Herring wrote:
> Does anyone know WHY when restarting Oracle's management agent through OEM,
> the appropriate ".*profile" is not sourced, corresponding to which account
> you run the agent as? That's a rather confusing sentence so restating with
> examples:
> If I restart the management agent in OEM and we run the agent under the OS
> account "oracle", I'd expect at some point "~oracle/.bash_profile" to be
> sourced within the agent's environment. Yet I know this doesn't happen
> because we have a couple of important env variables set in
> ~oracle/.bash_profile and when checking for these using something like "cat
> /proc/<AGENT'S PID>/environ | xargs -n 1 -0" I don't see these variables.
> I've checked this under RHEL and Oracle 11g / 12c. I first noticed the
> issue when applying the latest agent PSU to a group of agents via an OEM
> plan, then validated the same situation happens if, under the agent's home
> page, I restart it in OEM. Normally all management agent restarts are
> performed in a standard script we have which runs through stop, start,
> clearstate, upload, status for the given agent, among other things.

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