Re: Poor report performance with sqlnet connection only, not jdbc

From: Vijay Sehgal <>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2018 11:35:59 -0400
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not sure if you already checked arraysize settings between old and new

Vijay Sehgal

> On May 10, 2018, at 11:28 AM, <> <> wrote:
> Here's an oddity. One of my app owners recently moved to a new reporting server. The old one had the 11g client on linux, the new one has the 12c client on windows.
> He has a number of reports automated to run through sqlplus and spool to a file. After the move a report that previously took only minutes to run took 8 hours. On the database side it shows all the extra time spent on sqlnet message to/from client.
> My first thought was that it was caused by network latency from the new location. traceroute/tracert did show a few more hops and a few more ms. However, when he tested running the same query through jdbc rather than sqlnet and spooling the output to the same location the report returned in minutes again.
> My next thought was to increase the sdu setting to the maximum on the client and database sqlnet.ora but that made no difference.
> Before we bite the bullet and rewrite the reporting automation to use jdbc does anyone have suggestions for anything else to try?
> Database version is
> Thanks!
> Jay Miller
> Sr. Oracle DBA

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