Re: Performance comparison of Oracle Vs Aurora MySQL

From: Andy Sayer <>
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2018 07:55:37 +0000
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“You say you don’t think it will solve all the problems, so what problems will it definitely solve and what problems will remain?

This move would help in having more resources, but having more resources would not solve concurrency related problems (Fetching same data at the same time). Instead of correcting the poor application design, decision makers (Developer turned Architects) are expecting the scaling to solve these problems.”

You mean two sessions trying to read the same row? What’s the problem there? If two sessions try to read the same block, one will do the physical IO (if necessary), the other will wait on read by other session (for the same amount of time), this isn’t slower for either session. You might get buffer busy waits but that’s going to be a tiny amount of time per block. So where are you getting these ideas from? If a process spends a considerable amount of time waiting on buffer busy/read by other then it’s probably reading a ton of data , changing the archetecture isn’t going to help that, changing the amount of data needed (tuning the SQL will).

I suggest you get all the facts together, provide the alternative point of view - the effort it would take to enact and the performance rewards it would entail. Cary Millsap’s Optimizing Oracle For Performance can be considered a step by step guide, it even suggests sharing the first few chapters with your decision makers so they can really appreciate just how easy it can be.

If you really need to separate your reporting from your OLTP then Mladen’s suggestions are good. Don’t forget good ol’ resource manager though to prevent unimportant processes getting more than their fair share of cpu time (if that’s what’s going on!)

Compare your alternative solution(s) with the effort included in changing everything (on a guess). Present your findings to whoever is making these decisions. Changing RDBMS is no quick process, It’s no surprised they consider us locked in ;)


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