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Sorry it's taken some time to respond. Unlike that heathen US nation, Australia has public holidays for both Good Friday and Easter Monday so I wasn't paying much attention to email. 😊

Although it's somewhat dated, there's a post from August 2016 ( on my website that you might find of interest.


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Hi all,

Our customer is undergoing a major reorg and consolidation. We went from failed project with 100's of job losses, back to shoestring operation, to a new five year contract. As other projects come up for rebid they are being folded into the new contract. We are expanding to operations in three different hosting sites and building a coop at the 4th. Sometime this year they will gut the center third of our building and turn it into an operations center. Right now we're in a cube farm.

With no Grid or Cloud Control experts we managed to stand up working instances in three domains. I was challenged this morning to move all our legacy monitoring jobs and scripts into The scripts all running in Solaris cron monitor various jobs and interfaces. We have both Unix and Oracle DBA reports being run this way

I'd rather just skip the whole trial and error period and move on to world class monitoring. I know I can define custom metrics in EM and fold some of this stuff in. Before this goes out of control and gets trashed I'd like some tips on things to definitely do and definitely don't do. If there is a good book. Blog, or article on this I'd love to hear about it. I'm envisioning large screen displays on the walls being driven by EM. Any suggestions?

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