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I’m not sure that you would be able to install OEM into the RDS db, it probably won’t pass prereq checks, but i’ve not tried it.   I agree with Kellyn that it would probably blow your network bandwidth to run OEM in AWS.  


A better solution would be to run OEM on premises with hybrid agents, or if you’re looking for a SaaS/cloud based monitoring, check out Oracle Management Cloud.  It’s a SaaS service which allows you to monitor on-premises or cloud (including Oracle or Amazon)…


Disclaimer – I work for the product team that develops both OEM and OMC J 



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++ what Dave said.


We are monitoring our AWS RDS databases using our on-premise 13c Enterprise Manager. 

Amazon provides an "agent" that can talk to Enterprise Manager. 

It's working well. 



On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 7:15 PM Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman <HYPERLINK ""> wrote:

Just my 2c, but the dara in flight costs could be high. EM is very chatty via the OMR and the target agents...




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I'll have to get back to both of you about installing, configuring, etc. OEM within AWS for AWS-based targets.  I know I looked into it but for some reason felt it wasn't worth the effort.

We have a number of RDS targets and I wanted those targets to be monitored as close as possible to that of all our other targets so instead I used the option for AWS to install a management agent and was able to discover those targets back in our inhouse OEMs.  The main thing is being careful with OEM Jobs as any that require the OS-level will fail.




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I am working on a similar project. The answers would help me too




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Has anyone here installed OEM 12c or 13c in AWS to monitor oracle database in AWS and on-prem and RDS targets?

would like to get some details, Is Oracle RDS a viable option for the OMR repository?


Hoping to get some guidance from the group.



Sam K





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