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Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2018 11:17:35 +1100
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I still remember with fondness when “You Probably Don’t Need RAC” came out. A colleague and I (at the time I worked for Oracle) were given the technical task of proving Mogens wrong (always a difficult task!), and we went through that paper saying “No, he’s right, he’s right, he’s right …”. Eventually, I think they gave it to Marketing to come up with a response to. 😊  

I also had the grand distinction of being the person to introduce Mogens to the SVP of RAC Development (before that paper was written IIRC), and I still ended up with a job in RAC Dev for a couple of years!  

Ah, those were the days! 😊 😊 😊  


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Subject: Chuckle-worthy issue of the NoCOUG Journal  

Hopefully chuckle-worthy

Click on the cover picture to download the latest issue of the NoCOUG Journal


This issue of the NoCOUG Journal is the funniest ever but is still chock full of useful information as always. Please forward it to your friends or colleagues who will benefit from it.

Funny bits:

Useful information about Oracle Database:

  • Page 21: Always-fresh materialized views without using “refresh on commit” in Oracle 12c Release 2 (no way!)
  • Page 24: Converting a non-partitioned table into a partitioned table with one click in Oracle 12c Release 2 (finally!)
  • Page 24: Automatic list partitioning in Oracle 12c Release 2 (finally!)
  • Page 14: The series on licensing Oracle Database in the cloud continues with a look at Oracle Corporation’s own database cloud service (finally!)
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