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From: Sanjay Mishra <"Sanjay>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2017 20:48:03 +0000 (UTC)
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Is it common that if I transfer any SQL profile created in the lower environment and working fine to be moved to prod but found it is not achieving the same response?  Running the same Exact SQL in both environments and both Dev and Test are newly refreshed with Prod data. The environment is 12c ( and SQL profile is enabled. The only difference is that Lower environment COSt in explanation where the query is running 5 times faster is more that based Execution plan COST in a production environment. Dev Env: Before Oracle Tuning Advisor accepted SQL Profile the query cost was 9500K and taking 30Min. After accepting Profile it is reduced to 10MinTest Env: Execution Plan Cose comes 235K and taking 1hr 40 min.  It shows that it has used SQL profile also. The same time was even taken without using Profile I agree with lots of experts comments that SQL profile is not the best way. I tried to use Opt_estimate but not able to understand as to how to interpret it. It comes asopt_estimate(_at_"SEL$1", JOIN, ("Sol_c_tbl"_at_"$SEL$1", "Sol_c_tbk"@$SEL$1", "Sol_c_tba"$SEL$1"), SCALE_ROWS=8.860905062)opt_estimate(@"SEL$1", JOIN, ("Sol_c_tbk"@"$SEL$1"), SCALE_ROWS=0.212222124) opt_estimate(_at_"SEL$1", JOIN, ("Sol_c_tbk"_at_$SEL$1", "Sol_c_tba"$SEL$1"), SCALE_ROWS=8.869041334)

 I got the above from one of the Frank blogs from dbi Services

Any clues as instead of SQL profile I can check more based on above profile hints to directly tune the environment. TIASanjay

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