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Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2017 21:07:16 +1000
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"...Oracle 10g is self-tuning. Upgrading is fully automated and a child can do it. It is going to make DBAs superfluous..."

Except it didn't. We are still here. Yes, there were automated tuning features, which many disabled because they were more disruptive than helpful. Upgrades and patches are still hit-and-miss: definitely not something you would let loose on a production system without adequate supervision. And that's more than 10 years after the marketing hype.

Now Oracle launches in a new deja-vue campaign of an all-singing cost-saving dba-shedding database release. Why worry? According to the release schedule in Doc ID 742060.1, we are merely looking at a marketing ploy to avoid the dreaded 13: 18c is just the next minor 12cR2 version, so that what would be 13c will be 20c. Superstitious crisis avoided.. ;)

But maybe I'm too jaded...


On 11/11/17 05:25, Juliano Ribeiro wrote:
> Hello,
> I know it's too early to get a proper assessment, but are you still planning to do training related to Oracle's administration?
> I've got some promotions for 12c training, but I'm wondering if it's still worth it or if it's better to invest money on other issues like BI / BigData, which I know superficially.
> I believe that the market for dba Oracle should stagnate and in the medium and long term, I believe that those who are starting, will not want to invest the time and money for dba oracle career.
> The question is: "After the announcement of Oracle Database 18c, is anyone else considering starting to invest in other data-related areas?"
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