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Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2017 13:06:47 -0400
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Hi Donald,

There is a view called "DBA_SCHEDULER_JOBS" that will tell you who has a job to run in which window. DBA_SCHEDULER_WINDOWS gives you the details of the windows. If you want to schedule a maintenance, here is how to do it:

     name => 'SATURDAY_WINDOW');

     name      => 'SATURDAY_WINDOW',
     attribute => 'DURATION',
     value     => numtodsinterval(4, 'hour'));
     name => 'SATURDAY_WINDOW');


If you need to just stop everything immediately, you can turn job_queue_processes to 0 and nothing will run.

Oracle cannot give you what you want. Users have their jobs and Oracle cannot know what is important from the business perspective and what is not. While I was a DBA, I used "wedding process": announce maintenance in two weeks and explain that the jobs will not run. If someone has to say anything against that, raise your objection now or remain forever silent. If nobody objected, the maintenance window was scheduled. Frequently, I asked users to disable their jobs themselves. However, the list of authorized people was rather short. Each business application had a project manager, who had a list of batch jobs and knew what each of them was doing.


On 08/26/2017 06:43 AM, Freeman, Donald G. CTR wrote:
> In the latest iteration of our suite of applications a lot of manual batch
> jobs running on the server were brought into the database and scheduled
> through the 12c Job scheduler. We have a few hundred jobs running under
> different service accounts. What I didn't get in this new version was a
> forecasting tool for maintenance which would allow give me an overview of
> the whole thing so I could plan maintenance. We normally do maintenance on
> Saturdays but it's a hit or miss thing trying to thread the needle, figure
> out what to allow to finish, what to postpone, etc. Is there a tool,
> query, or something that I can run against the job scheduler that will help
> me out?
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