RE: Survey of non-database application file storage platforms

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Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2016 16:44:24 -0800
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Normally a company uses whatever is their primary storage vendor, as that is what they are building their servers and VMs from.

A company, if they have very large datasets, may try and use a less expensive storage system then their primary system, or if they are looking at long term archiving that still needs to be immediately available.  

Then it also comes down to how far they want to go away from their primary vendors and do they have the personnel to support it.  

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Subject: Survey of non-database application file storage platforms  

This is not an RFI and I do not work for a hardware vendor.  

I'm just a DBA working for an Oracle user who was asked by a PM to see if anyone can help with what systems others use for non-database application file storage. You know, inbound and outbound EDI transmissions, XML, CSVs etc.  

To make it easy, I've created a survey and I'd be grateful if you'd take 30 seconds to fill it in please.  

If the group does not object, I'd be happy to share the results with you when I have some.  


John Thomas




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