Re: Two Oracle License tracking questions.

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2016 07:31:12 -0700
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Just about every Oracle services vendor also sells licensing, and has someone who has studied both the technology and the licensing. I'd say you're looking for someone in sales or presales or sales support, working for a good-sized services firm local to your customer's location, who is looking to come in from the cold, from all the traveling and pressure to make quota. Look for someone in sales with a young family? Someone who is ambitious enough to go into sales but whose work-life balance has skewed. They can stay close to technology and procurement, and when the work-life balance shifts back, so can they, if they like.

For the COTS question, you're looking for asset management software, or specifically IT asset management. There are free shareware packages for this, but E-Biz, Peoplesoft, JDE, and all the big ERP packages have an asset management module, so don't overlook that when looking at specialized packages.

Hope this helps...

On 12/5/16 07:06, rob wrote:
> * A customer is looking to hire a fulltime position to track Oracle
> Licensing. Does anyone have a job description that fits this type
> of position? I have ideas on what the qualifications of this
> person should be, but would prefer to see what's out there that
> already works.
> * This same customer is looking for a COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf
> Product) to track servers, Oracle Installations, and associated
> Purchase Oracle information. Does anyone know of a COTS product
> that is being used for this?
> Thanks,
> -Rob

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