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According to another narrative, OpenSolaris led to the downfall of Sun and its subsequent purchase by Oracle.

After the dot-bomb debacle in 2001, an enormous number of Sun servers were simply abandoned in place at co-locations and elsewhere, eventually to be sold on the after-market for pennies on the dollar. Those servers rapidly obsolesced as far as supported Solaris was concerned, but OpenSolaris allowed those old servers to continue useful lives far longer, forestalling sales of new Sun servers as economies recovered, weakening Sun to the point of being purchased.

As Oracle was purchasing Sun, the OpenSolaris project spun off into Illumos <> and OpenIndiana <>, which are both open source variants. Oracle did kill the OpenSolaris project, as expected. There are quite a few uses of both Illumos and OpenIndiana in the embedded OS world, on both x86 and SPARC, so Solaris will continue to live on indefinitely in that form, regardless of what Oracle does.

On 12/3/16 15:10, Hameed, Amir wrote:
> It was Scott McNealy's short-sightedness which most likely allowed the rise of Linux. If Sun had released code of Solaris for x86 in the early 2000, Solaris for x86 would have been at a different level by now and not dying a slow death. It is a decent OS.
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>> Hi.
>> IMHO the real question is, is Sparc making any money?
> Sic transit gloria mundi. Thus passeth away one of my favourite Unix implementations. SVR4 is dying, only AIX is left standing, probably not for long. However, I am still keeping my Adrian Cockroft's Ferrari book.
> Hopefully, Oracle will release the source code and allow revival of OpenSolaris.
> Oracle Corp. will not buy much of good will for itself by extinguishing the last remnants of the company which gave us NFS and vi editor, among other things.
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